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Monday October 10, 2005 5:28 am

Jeff Probst’s Own ‘Survivor’ Reality

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Jeff Probst Leaving SurvivorUpon facing the 12th installation of Survivor (10 points to those who can name all the different seasons), Jeff Probst admits that the time may come for him to step down from his hosting throne. Why the change of heart? He’s realized that after doing the same job for so long, he’ll forever be stuck in a reality TV version of soap opera hell. Granted, he did easily transition from Rock & Roll Jeopardy! into Reality TV Hall of Fame, but did anyone ever watch that show? That, and his apparent love for former contestant Julie Berry from Amazon: Vanuatu has forced him to take up didgeridoo lessons.

Why should he be stepping down?:  Twelve seasons. ‘nuff said. Even Friends knew to end after ten. 

Why I think he’s really stepping down?:  He was sick of losing the Emmy to The Amazing Race, and he knew repeating himself for the 13th time wouldn’t change matters.

Why he should stay?:  Because no one knows what the heck the ‘didgeridoo’ is, and knowing how to play it won’t carry him far in Hollywood.  For those of you who do know what a ‘didgeridoo’ is - you obviously watch way too much TV, but that’s why you’re here, right?

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you must be one of the only other people i have ever ? seen/heard of lol that likes 24

Pfft everyone likes 24. :)

Yeah I don't know anyone that doesn't like 24...

well maybe becuase im 13 all my friends dont like it... but me and my mom are obssessed... i got netflix to watch season one but that was as for as i got lol.... too time consuming

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