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Thursday June 5, 2008 11:00 am

HP Mini-Note 2133 first impressions

HP Mini-note 2133

I just got my hands on one of the Mini-Note 2133 ultra-portable notebook (netbook?) computers. A few first impressions are below, a taste of our upcoming HP 2133 vs. Eee PC 900 Battle Royale:

HP Mini-Note 2133 wins:

  • 2133 has a much nicer keyboard
  • 2133 has a cleaner design
  • 2133 has a faster processor (1.6Ghz vs. 900Mhz)
  • 2133 has more RAM (2GB vs. 1GB)

PC 900 wins:

  • Eee PC is cheaper ($550 vs. $729-819)
  • Eee PC is slimmer and lighter (2133 battery protrudes downward)
  • Eee PC has more USB 2.0 ports (3 vs. 2)
  • Eee PC is easier to dual boot with Ubuntu

Obviously the HP 2133 has a lot going for it, however it’s significantly more expensive. Stay tuned for more in-depth information about these trendy new netbooks and how they compare for power, usability, and value.

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This appears to be a pretty nice compact laptop. I still think that I’d prefer one with a larger screen. However the wide format screen would be perfect for movies.

I like the idea of a really small computer, especially from HP. If these are as good as I have been hearing I’d really love to have one for an everyday carry computer, maybe with sprint data card.

Time will tell if this class will survive, but I think it has a much better chance then the UMPC does.

They always say you get what you pay for. I would pay more for the a little more refined HP.

Man thats the smallest laptop I ever seen, this what I call ultra portable but the MacBook Air is way thinner but the HP Mini-Note does look cool.

$160 something for double the ram and nealy 80% more processing power,i thinks thats worth it.
HP 2133’s the winner for me.

When the battle starts between HP and Asus, you can expect many price cut-offs, Asus rocks in many stuff and they are not easy competitor.

From the 1st look about the differences, it seems that Mini-Note 2133 wins the battle, it’s like getting extra RAM and higher processor for $180-$190. It doesn’t actually matter if it’s missing 1 USB slot, but who is gonna use 3 USBs at the same time anyway!

Nice post, thanks for the heads up (Y)

My vote goes for the HP Mini-Note.  Yes, it’s true that the ASUS EEE PC has a lower price than the HP Mini-Note, but it’s worth it paying extra for something that’s better.  With a portable mini notebook you would expect it to start fast, load programs quickly, and run on Windows (lets face it most of us use WIndows rather than Linux).  The HP Mini-Note does just that!  It has more RAM than the ASUS EEE PC, and it also has a quicker processor speed.  If you ran Windows on the ASUS it would run very slow.  Besides the higher speed, the HP Mini-Note’s keyboard is more comfortable to use than the ASUS EEE PC’s keyboard.  It’s bigger and easier to type with it.  I tried the ASUS EEE PC keyboard and thought the keys were small and not really comfortable.  I also made a review on the ASUS EEE PC, you can check it on the below forum link:

This is one of the cases where the lower price will not win out in my opinion.  First off, HP is a more recognized brand than ASUS outside of the normal tech crowd.  Secondly, it is not that much larger than the ASUS EEE PC, but it has a significantly better processor and twice as much ram.  For anyone who actually wants to use their computer for real use, the HP is hands down a better bargain!

As these get smaller, it gets harder for me to use the built in keyboard. Using an external keyboard kind of defeats the purpose of making them smaller.
Of the two I’d spend the extra for the ram and cpu upgrade.

Incredible this mini notebook

It looks good from configuration, but Can anybody Reply with real user review so that i can know how it is? Thank in advance to the person who is going to reply me.

The laptop is good, but it’s now match for the dragon HP.

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