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Paris Hilton, dogsHotel heiress was doing normal promotion for her movie when she smilingly answered a question posed to her by . Hilton told the talk show host she has 17 -seventeen- dogs. How did the dogs reach such an astronomical count? “They keep having babies, and I feel bad to give them away ‘cause I feel like if I had a baby and someone gave it away, it’d be mean.” So, she just keeps them all. Welcome to the logic and mindset of Paris Hilton - spend too much time here and you’ll forget to wear underwear but maintain all sorts of canine morality.

After this network appearance, animal services turned up at the Hilton home. Because Paris isn’t a pet breeder, she actually can’t have more than three dogs at a single address. However, department officials weren’t able to find any dogs (or the heiress herself) at the mansion. A rep for the heiress claims the doggies are actually divided up among those close to Paris, and always have been.

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Put-Description-HereUPDATE: Barron’s bail was later increased to $20,000 because he was apparently carrying a fake driver’s license.  Idiot.

, younger brother to Paris and Nicky, continued the process of dragging the family name through the mud this morning by getting arrested in Malibu for DUI.

Per PageSix.com, Hilton 18, was arrested at 8:04 am after he allegedly careened into a 76 gas station and struck a gas station attendant in the process. The attendant was not injured but insisted on calling the police anyway.

“I was knocked to the ground,” Fernando Tellez told PageSix.  “The Mercedes lost control as it was turning into the gas station and Barron got out of the car and he was totally drunk and couldn’t walk straight.”

When the police arrived, they tested his blood alcohol level (which he failed miserably).  He scored a 0.14 on his breath test for blood alcohol — that’s almost double the adult limit of 0.08 in California. An eyewitness at the scene claims that Barron was so drunk he couldn’t speak.

Barron was then led away to jail where he now resides waiting for his bail to be posted-a paltry $5,000.

Gosh,  those crazy Hilton kids—you just never know where they’re gonna get arrested next!

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Kirsten DunstAfter several weeks of partying hard at the Sundance Film Festival and various venues in Los Angeles, has become the latest Hollywood casualty to enter rehab.

Per People magazine, Dunst hasn’t been doing very well lately. “She’s been crying a lot lately. People were pushing her to go in there (rehab) but there never was an intervention.” Some friends believe that the death of Heath Ledger may have finally pushed her over the edge.

Dunst, 25, is being treated at the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah, the same facility where Lindsay Lohan spent two months and where Eva Mendes is currently checked in.

Jeez, at the rate Hollywood is going, there’ll be no one left to go to the Oscars.

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Well, the paps in Britney’s neighborhood better get their camera gear ready— just checked herself out of the psych ward!

According to E! Online, the troubled singer left the UCLA Medical Center shortly before noon today and is now ensconced in one of her Beverly Hills abodes.  (You can see pics of her driving around below.)

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Britney SpearsIt’s no secret that former pop star has had her fair share of troubles recently. She’s in a bitter with ex-hubby , she’s been admitted to the and she’s tragic media fodder. The latest reports say Brit will stay in the hospital for at least two weeks more, so now the whole issue has turned down a different path: who’s going to take care of Britney?

Father was given control over Britney (and her various assets) when she was hospitalized, but all that may change at a Monday hearing. A neutral party, or a different relative, may gain control, according to sources close to the situation. There is also another custody-related hearing scheduled for Monday, the latest in a long string of court appearances which determine which parent will parent Britney’s two children. Unfortunately, it seems right now Spears isn’t capable of taking care of herself.

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Another day, another hospitalization.  Early Thursday morning, more drama unfolded outside ’ home.  (You can see the video, after the jump.)  And while the scene was strangely reminiscent of the January 4th incident, there were many things that made today’s events different.

Britney Spears

  • This was a planned event.  Britney’s new psychiatrist - the one referenced in his conversation with Barbara Walters - had apparently sensed this day would come.  Realizing it would take a bit of work to get her to the hospital through a throng of photographers, etc., she worked out details with the LAPD.  When the psychiatrist arrived at her home last night, she felt it was time to get her some help.  With one phone call, she set the escort plan in action.
  • Britney was a willing participant.  No locked bathroom doors this time around.  The singer - who reportedly hadn’t slept in three days - was very calm when police arrived.
  • Her mother was actually there.  Instead of hiding away in another state, was in Britney’s home at the time of her departure (as was Lufti and ).
  • Another day, a new place.  She was not taken to Cedars-Sinai this time.  Today she’s at UCLA Medical Center.
  • No K-Fed sighting.  Since already has the kids with him, there apparently wasn’t a need to be around.
  • It looks like she might stick around.  Although Brit never stayed the suggested 72-hours the last time she was hospitalized, it looks she might this time.

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