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Rihanna nipples

Rihanna continues her love affair with exposing outfits with a black dress that showed off her boobs and nipples. Going braless in a thin, black dress while walking into the Eden night club in Hollywood, flashing cameras ended up giving the dress a sheer look. Once the dress became see-thru, cameras picked up Rihanna pierced nipple and thong underwear. She didn't seem to mind, though, and it's no wonder, since she regularly posts half-naked pictures of herself to Twitter and Instagram!

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Joan Rivers and Lady GagaJoan Rivers has blasted Lady Gaga.

The TV personality has responded to Gaga's claims that E! show Fashion Police - in which she and Kelly Osbourne co-star - "breeds negativity" and says the "Born This Way" singer is merely trying to get attention.

"Anyone that would wear a pastrami dress or sit in an egg should know about humor. She knows exactly what's she's doing. She's not selling. We haven't been talking about her until now. It's time to start laughing. We've been doing this for fifty years. Tell Lady Gaga to worry about the maggots in her brain from the meat dress! But I told Kelly that it's all good because it means Lady Gaga watches Fashion Police!" Joan told Page Six.

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Kelly Osbourne with Lady Gaga insetKelly Osbourne thinks that Lady Gaga is pregnant.

The outspoken Fashion Police star shared her observations on the "Born This Way" singer's noticeable weight gain and claimed Gaga - who is dating Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney - has been hiding her stomach lately.

"I think she is pregnant because she has been covering up this part of her body recently and I have been noticing that a lot. And her style has changed and you can't bleach your hair blonde when you are pregnant," she said.

However, Kelly's comments came before Lady Gaga praised marijuana as she lit up on stage in Amsterdam.

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Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne pulled a fashion faux par last night when she walked down the red carpet with sweat patches. The TV star had pulled out all the stops by donning a bright red figure-hugging dress at the launch of E! Entertainment in Munich, Germany, but on closer inspection Kelly had damp armpits.

The 26-year-old blonde was mortified by her unplanned perspiration afterwards and blamed heat lamps for her unsightly sweat.

"Pulled a fashion no no last night i had sweat marks because there we heat lamps on the red carpet! #eww (sic)" she wrote on her Twitter page.

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Heidi KlumProject Runway host Heidi Klum got in trouble for sunbathing topless by a hotel swimming pool. The German supermodel - widely considered to be one of the world's most beautiful women - doesn't like to wear a bikini top when she sits in the hot sunshine because she hates having tan lines. Although she doesn't get many complaints when she strips off when on vacation in Europe, Heidi admits her exhibitionism didn't go down well with people at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the 38-year-old catwalk beauty said, "I don't like to wear tops because I hate tan lines... I do have to say that I think (the general public is) more uptight here. I got in trouble once, in Phoenix. I was laying by the pool - obviously I had no top on. I'm lying there sunbathing, and this guy comes over - a security guy. He says, 'Ma'am, you have to put your top back on because we're having complaints. People are complaining that you have no top on.'"

A shocked Jay responded by joking, "Who are the idiots who are complaining?"

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Glee’s prom episode was stuffed with music, emotion, confrontations, surprises -- and, most importantly, fashion. We know who wore what, where they got it… and how you can get the look. Keep reading to see our full Glee prom night fashion breakdown…

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Derby Day 2011 - WLKY Photos

Not to be outdone by the royal wedding, 165,000 Kentucky residents -- okay, plus a few tourists and celebrities -- dressed up in their finest spring clothes for Derby Day. The first Saturday in May marks an iconic and long-running sports event, social outing and fashion parade. And what's the fashion accessory of choice for the Kentucky Derby? The hat, of course -- and unlike London, they make 'em big in the south. Follow the jump to see the full red carpet review for the running of the roses...

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Royal Wedding - Carole Middleton

The countdown to the royal wedding started several days before the event, but things really got exciting when mother of the bride Carole Middleton and son James Middleton (Kate's younger brother) arrived at Westminster Abbey. Their arrival was followed by the rest of the VIP guests... and we've got pictures to prove it. Follow the jump to see the entire royal wedding in pictures.

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Royal Wedding

The A-list guests have arrived at the royal wedding, though the real stars of the event -- the royal family -- are still standing by. What do celebs wear to a royal wedding? Follow the jump to see all the white carpet fashion...

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Pippa Middleton, Maid of Honor, will wear a gown by Nicki MacfarlaneWe know that the men at the royal wedding have been asked to wear military uniforms, and now we’ve finally got some details on what the women will wear. People is reporting that the bridal party gowns, including Pippa Middleton's maid of honor gown, have been designed by Nicki Macfarlane, a British designer who specializes in wedding fashions.

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Chelsy Davy is being dressed by Alberta Ferretti. Her day gown will be aquamarine, and for the Buckingham reception she’ll don a blue satin crepe frock in a one-shoulder design.

Kate Middleton’s dress remains a mystery, but the almost-Princess will show it to the world in a matter of hours. We’ll bring you pictures and updates as the event unfolds. Keep checking back to get all our royal wedding coverage.

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