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Tuesday Ratings: CBS Premieres Start Strong

Despite heated competition (House, Fringe, Dancing With the Stars), CBS’ fresh slate managed to eke out a win with the viewers last night. That said, FOX was still in control of the demos.

The Mentalist8pm

  • Approximately 17.7 million welcomed the return of (3.5/10 in 18-49).
  • (12.1 million, 5.0/14) had the night’s best demos.
  • (7.2 million, 3.0/8) dropped 700,000 pounds.
  • ’ premiere (1.8/5) attracted 6.6 million.
  • (3 million, 1.5/4) was down 300,000.

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Tuesday Ratings: House Dominates for FOX

Good news and bad news for FOX last night. Although House saw its lowest Tuesday ratings since 2005, the show did well enough to slaughter the competition. Meanwhile, Fringe saw a dramatic improvement over its premiere thanks to the strong lead-in.

House's Hugh Laurie8pm

  • Approximately 14.7 million saw the season premiere of (5.6/16 in 18-49).
  • * (1.8/5) checked in with 9.6 million.
  • (3.2/9) weighed in with 7.9 million.
  • The season finale of (2.0/6) waved goodbye to 6 million.
  • (3.3 million, 1.7/5) did about the same as last week.

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Sunday Ratings: Steelers Steal Win for NBC

Unless you’re willing to count the Big Brother clip show, Sunday Night Football was the only original program after 8pm last night. This lack of competition gave NBC an easy victory in both categories yesterday.

Pittsburgh Steelers8pm

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Tuesday Ratings: 90210 Weakens in Fringe’s Presence

Seems the novelty may have already worn off. Last week, 90210 was breaking records for CW. This week, the drama was back to being a regular old pumpkin. Meanwhile, the 90-minute premiere of Fringe got off to a nice start helping FOX nab a win in the demos. (NBC and America’s Got Talent were the victors with the viewers.)


  • (11.6 million, 2.6/7 in 18-49) rounded up another 1 million.
  • Approximately 9 million watched the debut of (3.2/9).
  • (2.9/7) took down 7.2 million viewers.
  • (7 million, 2.6/7) added on 500,000 more.
  • (3.2 million, 1.7/5) had a 1.7 million dive.

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This Week on TV (9/8-9/14)

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

(You can view TV Envy’s Fall Television Programming Schedule here.)


MONDAY (9/8)
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndicated, check local listings:  Season 23 premiere. Oprah kicks off her new year with over 150 Olympians. Medals, schmedals. I’m sure they’re all hoping for free cars.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX, 8pm):  Season 2 premiere. “Agent Ellison handles the aftermath of Cromartie’s massacre.” Now if a pool full of dead bodies doesn’t spell things out for Ellison, nothing will.
  • Take Home Nanny (TLC, 8pm):  “Parents of aggressive twins need help from Emma to get the kids to behave well for a dinner with a teacher at the new school they want the boys to attend next year.” After they’re accepted, the twins then become the teacher’s problem.
  • Prison Break (FOX, 9pm):  “Michael and his crew have one day to find the other five cardholders or they’ll go back to prison.” Yeah, yeah, yeah - been there, done that.

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Trailer for new FOX series Fringe

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Sci-Fi/Horror, FOX,

What we have here is a 3.5 minute promotional trailer for the new series Fringe, which is set to begin airing this fall. I didn’t expect too much from it, even if it did have J.J. Abrams name on it - but after watching the trailer, I am just left asking myself if this guy is the master of being associated with fantastic shows with high production value that involve airplane crises? I can’t wait for this one, as I am hoping that the series is as good as the trailer makes it out to be.

J.J. Abrams’ New Series

Posted by Wendy Michaels Categories: Drama, Prime Time, ABC, FOX, Lost,

J.J. Abrams J.J. Abrams, the power house behind Alias and Lost (not to mention Felicity and What About Brian), is back to rock your television screen. His latest series, Fringe, has been picked up by Fox—and this is a doozy. It’s got a spooky theme and a killer budget for the pilot. We’re talking a pilot that’s well over $10 million. How obscene is that? Given, it will be a two hour pilot, but still! The show is so far director-less and lacks a cast, but with J.J. on board, you can bet it will grab some viewers. Of course, I thought the same of last season’s… uh, what was it called? Six Degrees? Seriously, I tuned in just because it was a J.J. deal and didn’t like it at all (and I guess I wasn’t alone, because it wasn’t around for long!). Abrams says Fringe includes elements of The X-Files and the Twilight Zone, so it could be interesting, with plenty of paranormal mysteries to be had. According to Abrams, “It’s definitely meant to scare the hell out of you, but it’s also meant to make you laugh… It pushes all the buttons of things we loved from our childhood.”

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