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Arrested Development season 4 netflix

Just a quick PSA: Netflix has released the fourth season of Arrested Development earlier this morning. That means that you can spend the rest of your Memorial Day weekend enjoying the long-awaited final chapter in the story of the Bluth family. It's taken seven years to get here, so we won't blame you if you go on a bit of a binge, powering through all 15 episodes. Arrested Deelopment aired on Fox between 2003 and 2006, and was one of those shows plagued by low ratings, which later developed a massive following through DVD sales. Due to the increased popularity and demand from the fans, Netflix snapped up the rights, making it the newest Netflix Original.

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Bluth Banana Stand in London

As if the whole world wasn't already counting down the seconds until Arrested Development's new season premieres on Netflix May 26, the rental-turned-production company is going so far as to promote the show by planting the Bluth frozen banana stand in London, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Various actors from the show are expected to appear at the frozen banana stands - you just might meet Tobias, Lucille, Buster, or Job! Keep an eye on the show's official Twitter, which will reveal the location of the elusive stands. Let's just hope that the show's hardcore fans resist the urge to burn any of them down.

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Arrested Development season 4 netflix

Netflix is set to launch the new season of Arrested Development on May 26th, just three Sundays from now. Arrested Deelopment aired on Fox between 2003 and 2006, and was one of those shows plagued by low ratings, which later developed a massive following through DVD sales. Fans have been waiting for almost seven years for some sort of movie or series continuation (a la Family Guy and Futurama) since then, and now that time is upon us.

Netflix will release all 15 30-minute episodes of Arrested Development season 4 on May 26th, and they'll be a Netflix exclusive.

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Ellen DeGeneresPoochgate, doggygate… whatever you want to call it, ’ puppy problems are not quite over. Remember when Ellen sobbed on her show about that poor little dog that she adopted then gave away? Maybe you thought it was all over after the crying and the dog rescue seizing the dog and finding him a new family… or maybe you’ve lost interest in this story and moved on, but another chapter in the drama has surfaced. This time, an email trail documenting an exhange between DeGeneres’ girlfriend (Portia de Rossi), the hairdresser that was given the dog (and then the dog was yanked from) and the rescue, Mutts & Moms, paints a slightly different story than the sobfest that Ellen unleashed. The Smoking Gun posted the emails today, with de Rossi initially beaming about the dog, then later saying “he was just too much energy and time for us in our brand new home with so much going on in our lives.” She explained giving the dog to the hairstylist, to which the Mutts & Moms owner said she was “deeply disturbed” and that it was “in violation of our legally binding contract.” She also called it “a betrayal of my trust.” Even the hairdresser got in on the emal action, saying that Iggy had bonded to the family. Mutts & Moms explained that the dog would need to to be returned according to their process. And then, cue the tears from Ellen. It certainly hasn’t hurt ratings either—the show saw a 10 percent boost last week.

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David CrossAt first glance, I wasn’t too excited about CBS’ new comedy I’m in Hell. Sure, Jason Biggs (of American Pie fame) stars as a Wall Street dude who dies and has to live out Hell on Earth… but it really didn’t grab me. The latest news of Erika Christensen and David Cross joining the series may make it worth a look, however. OK, so I’m really just talking about David Cross here. Since Arrested Development left, I’ve been missing the old AD gang and love to see them pop up here and there (case in point, a guest appearance by Will Arnett on tonight’s 30 Rock). I’m a huge fan of Cross’ from his quirky stand-up and of course, Mr. Show with Bob and David, which was pure genius. So, any David Cross is worth a look I figure, especially when he takes on the role as the devil in I’m in Hell.

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Jeffrey TamborAfter a failed sitcom last season with John Lithgow, Jeffrey Tambor will be returning with a new pilot. It’s a pretty safe bet that this one has got to be better than 20 Good Years. But sadly, may never match the brilliance of Arrested Development or The Larry Sanders Show—both of which Tambor played large roles in. The new series, called The Captain, stars Tambor as a retired TV writer living in Hollywood. The series’ name comes from the name of the apartment building, El Capitan. Here’s hoping that this series has the goods because Tambor is one funny guy, given the right role. Ahh, this has me missing Arrested Development all over again. Sniffle.

In other casting news, Oscar winner Marisa Tomei will star in the CBS comedy The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud. She plays an author who experiences writer’s block until she tries to recapture her youthful optimism.

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Christopher GuestChristopher Guest, the genius behind films like For Your Consideration, Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman, will be involved in creating a comedy pilot for ABC. But wait, it gets better because Arrested Development creator, Mitch Hurwitz, is also involved. If the result is only a fraction as good as Arrested or any of Guest’s films, it will be 100 times better than most of the stuff on television. Of course, you have to wonder if it will suffer Arrested‘s curse of low ratings and an early cancellation. The comedy is an adaptation of the The Thick of It, a British series. Guest has been away from TV for quite some time—you may remember his mid-80s stint on Saturday Night Live, but his last work for television was a 1993 HBO remake of Attack of the 50-Foot Woman. The Thick of It takes a humorous spin on the ins and outs of a member of Congress.

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Mitch Hurwitz Well, it would be a lot more exciting if I could announce that Arrested Development was coming back to TV, but instead we’ll have to settle for the next (potentially) great thing from Arrested‘s creator Mitch Hurwitz. The Thick of It is yet another British adaptation for American TV. You would think that Americans have run out of creative ideas of their own! Anyway, Hurwitz and Richard Day, who wrote and produced Arrested Development, will be working together on the new comedy series for ABC. The American version will take place in the oh-so-funny world of Congress, looking at the inept players and bureaucrats who muck up the works. Day has a great writing pedigree—earning five Emmy nominations for The Larry Sanders Show and Arrested. He’s also written and/or produced for Mad About You, Ellen, Spin City, and Good Morning, Miami.

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Arrested Development OK, so we know that Arrested Development was canceled. We just have to accept it and move on (sob!). To me, it always begs the question: “How can sub-par sitcoms continue into their umpteenth season while something cool and hilarious like Arrested Development gets canceled?” It’s just not fair. But anyhoo… Arrested Development will be returning in syndication with a very interesting arrangement. The 53 episodes have been sold to both MSN and cable networks HDNet and G4. The agreement is that MSN has rights for three years, beginning later this year, and will be free to MSN subscribers. Additional interactive elements are planned to further enhance the greatness that is Arrested Development. Then, HDNet also gets the series for three years, beginning in September (airing in high definition, of course), and G4 (owned by Comcast) will get the series in October. Now if only someone could bring it back from the dead.

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Grey's Anatomy Bright and early this morning, the Emmy nominations were announced from Hollywood. There’s certainly an interesting mix this time around with the change in nomination procedures – you’ll notice no mention of Lost in the major categories and none of the leading ladies of Desperate Housewives. Here are the major categories:

Best Drama
Grey’s Anatomy
The Sopranos
The West Wing

Best Comedy
Arrested Development
Two and a Half Men
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office

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