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Friday October 26, 2007 12:30 pm

Emails Surface from Ellen’s ‘Poochgate’

Ellen DeGeneresPoochgate, doggygate… whatever you want to call it, ’ puppy problems are not quite over. Remember when Ellen sobbed on her show about that poor little dog that she adopted then gave away? Maybe you thought it was all over after the crying and the dog rescue seizing the dog and finding him a new family… or maybe you’ve lost interest in this story and moved on, but another chapter in the drama has surfaced. This time, an email trail documenting an exhange between DeGeneres’ girlfriend (Portia de Rossi), the hairdresser that was given the dog (and then the dog was yanked from) and the rescue, Mutts & Moms, paints a slightly different story than the sobfest that Ellen unleashed. The Smoking Gun posted the emails today, with de Rossi initially beaming about the dog, then later saying “he was just too much energy and time for us in our brand new home with so much going on in our lives.” She explained giving the dog to the hairstylist, to which the Mutts & Moms owner said she was “deeply disturbed” and that it was “in violation of our legally binding contract.” She also called it “a betrayal of my trust.” Even the hairdresser got in on the emal action, saying that Iggy had bonded to the family. Mutts & Moms explained that the dog would need to to be returned according to their process. And then, cue the tears from Ellen. It certainly hasn’t hurt ratings either—the show saw a 10 percent boost last week.

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