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Sunday November 25, 2007 9:43 pm

This Week on TV (11/26-12/2)

Notes from the Underbelly


MONDAY (11/26)
TUESDAY (11/27)
  • (ABC, 8pm):  I’m confused—didn’t the Thanksgiving special just happen?  It’s not even December!
  • (ABC, 9pm):  Two-hour special.  I think it’s safe to say the last 10 minutes are the most important.
  • (CW, 9pm):  ‘Sam does plumbing work for a woman he discovers is dating the devil.’  I’m guessing she won’t be paying for the house call.
  • (NBC, 10pm):  ‘Stabler’s unborn son is in serious danger after a family tragedy.’  Maybe this will be the episode when a Stabler actually goes blind!




THURSDAY (11/29)
  • (CBS, 8pm):  ‘Jeff Probst makes a surprising announcement.’  Due to the , the contestants will be extending their stay.
  • (NBC, 8pm):  ‘Earl hopes to win his freedom by helping the warden with yet another jailhouse cause.’  Apparently sleeping in a dirty motel is considered an upgrade to his current situation.
  • (NBC, 8:30pm):  ‘Liz goes out with a guy who thinks she’s 29.’  She better not let that winner go.
  • (Bravo, 9pm): The comedianne does her sixth special.  When she does her seventh, she gets to move off the D-list.


FRIDAY (11/30)


  • (ABC Family, 3:30pm):  The channel honors the series all weekend long.  Now you have a built-in babysitter for your holiday shopping!
  • (NBC, 8pm):  The Rockettes’ 75th annual event gets its first major broadcast.  Well - it’s not like there’s anything else to watch on Saturdays.


  • (CBS, 9pm):  It has something to do with and .  I didn’t bother to investigate more.
  • (ABC, 9pm):  ‘A tornado hits Wisteria Lane.’  Wait a second—what state are they in again?
  • (ABC, 10pm):  ‘A political scandal and a serious case of cold feet threaten Kitty and Robert’s wedding day.’  This really shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Ally McBeal was never meant to be happy.




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