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Saturday September 9, 2006 9:06 pm

The Week Ahead in TV

Amazing RaceThings are starting to kick into high-gear now with the introduction of three high-profile reality shows and the finales of several others:

Sunday Night Football (7pm EST on NBC):  TV sales will increase once women realize that football season will contend with Desperate Housewives.
FOX Comedies (starting @ 8pm):  Those men not already watching football—and/or live on the West Coast—will have a line-up of father-oriented comedies to watch:  The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy and The War at Home.

9/11 Anniversary (various):  Most of the networks will choose to pay tribute on the 5-year anniversary.  Other programming will most likely be interrupted by a scheduled Pres. Bush speech at 9pm EST.

Big Brother (8pm on CBS):  The finale between Mike Boogie and Erika.  Sadly, someone has to be chosen the winner.  Maybe they can just have each other.
Dancing with the Stars (8pm on ABC):  The 2-hour debut of the ABC powerhouse.  Am I the only one who believes that Mario Lopez still deserves some karmic embarrassment for cheating on Ali Landry before their wedding?

Today Show (NBC):  The debut of Meredith Vieira.  I’m betting she’s happy to have a little more testosterone in her life.
Rock Star: Supernova (8pm on CBS):  The winner will be announced.  If Dilana doesn’t win, I’ll be boycotting CBS.

Survivor:  Cook Islands (8pm on CBS):  My 24-hour boycott of CBS will have ended when I return to watch this controversial racial experiment.  Being 1/2 Asian, 1/2 Hispanic…I’m not sure which team I will root for.  I just know that if those two tribes merge, the other groups could be in a world of hurt.

SUNDAY (9/17)
The Amazing Race 10 (8:30pm on CBS):  Twelve teams of two will depart from Seattle and travel around the world.  Twelve teams of two will also be that much closer to Phil Keoghan than I will ever be.

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