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Wednesday July 18, 2007 1:23 pm

Singing Bee is a Hit

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NBC Logo Call me crazy, but I don’t know what all the “buzz” about The Singing Bee is. Get it? Buzz? Lame, right? Well, almost as lame as my joke, is the actual show, which I caught about half of last night. It’s mediocre at best and not even happy-go-lucky N’ Sync-er Joey Fatone can inject excitement into it. Still, I suppose it beats that Bingo show that was on awhile ago. So lame was that, the name completely escapes me. The Singing Bee, on NBC, is a game show that combines karaoke and Name That Tune as contestants compete for the grand money prize. The first episode drew 13 million people, so I guess it’s not all bad. Then again, with the summer slim pickins, what else is there to watch? Oh, and the dancing Honey Bees may be an extra draw, but I’m not seein’ it. Over on Fox, the similarly themed game show Don’t Forget the Lyrics (hosted by Wayne Brady) didn’t fare quite so well in ratings, earning 8.4 million viewers. Will either of these shows have any longevity beyond the summer months? And will I cave like a deck of cards and start watching Singing Bee because there’s nothing better to watch? Given my glimpse at it last night, not likely… although those uber-peppy contestants are a hoot to watch.

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