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Thursday October 13, 2005 8:34 pm

The Simple Life Becomes Lifeless And Gets Canned

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Simple Life Cancelled

SHOCKING NEWS! Running out of ideas as to how to save the show, the producers of The Simple Life finally resorted to Plan D:  Cancel the show altogether. It’s no secret that the producers were struggling to make this show work.  Why it took them this long to finally throw in the towel is the $1,000,000 question.  I mean, why did they honestly believe they could develop a show around two leads (a.k.a Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie) who can’t stand one and other?  But - of course - the dueling mistresses are not why the network canceled the show.  Fox claims that the show just didn’t have a ‘place’ in their fall schedule. Whateva. Now let’s just see how the Sophia Bush/Chad Michael Murray relationship on ‘One Tree Hill’ works out.

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I don’t see why anyone ever liked this show in the first place.  The first season had some decent moments but overall I just wanted to punch those 2 dumb rich girls in the face.  Since that first season I’m 99% sure all the “jobs” they do and situations they get into are setup.  I hear on the one where they had to drive across the country, most of the time neither of them were driving.  They were sleeping in the trailer while a producer drove…


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