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Tuesday December 22, 2009 4:37 pm

Steve Martin’s Risky Career Move

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Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin

was “playing chicken with his own career” when he signed up to host the Academy Awards.

- the comedian and actor’s co-host for the show - joked Steve had actually tried to avoid being involved with the show alongside him. “They actually went to him first and said, ‘Would you do it with Alec?’ He said, ‘Of course, I won’t do it with Alec,’” the 30 Rock star said.

“I actually said, ‘Yes, I would do it with Alec,’ assuming he would pass and I was safe,” Martin countered. “You were playing chicken with your own career,” Baldwin added.

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The acting duo also joked they would fix it so their new movie would win the coveted Best Picture prize at the ceremony.  “Oh yeah, we can cheat. ‘And the winner is… , even if it’s not nominated,” Martin told USA Today.

Steve has previously hosted the 2001 and 2003 Oscars broadcast, while Alec was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 2003 for The Cooler.



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