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Monday November 12, 2007 5:28 pm

Writers On Strike, Episodes Running Out

Get OUT! Elaine joins the picket lineWith the Writers Guild strike in full effect, it won’t be long until new episodes (i.e. completed scripts) of network shows run out. Entertainment Weekly reports that many popular series are on schedule to enter into reruns within the next several weeks (some sooner or later than others). The following is EW’s list of 10 popular shows and how many new episodes are left (including this week) until the well runs dry.


  • Brothers & Sisters: 6 episodes
  • Dirty Sexy Money: 6 episodes
  • Lost: 8 episodes


  • Chuck: 6 episodes
  • Heroes: 4 episodes
  • The Office: 2-3 half-hour episodes

See how many new episodes of popular FOX, CBS and CW shows are left after the jump.

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Entertainment Weekly


  • House: 5-6 episodes
  • The Simpsons: 17 episodes


  • Criminal Minds: 6 episodes

The CW:

  • Gossip Girl: 6 episodes



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