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Wednesday May 19, 2010 2:32 pm

VIDEO: Smiling Bret Michaels Does First TV Interview

Even though he’s still experiencing some headaches and having difficulty moving his lower extremities, has plenty of reasons to smile.

On today’s broadcast of Oprah, the musician - who was admitted into the hospital in April for a brain hemorrhage - says the scary ordeal has given him a new perspective on life. “The only thing that matters right now is taking care of my family and my kids and thanking God I’m still alive to talk about it.’”

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“To think that my dad wouldn’t be growing up with me and my dad wouldn’t be walking me down the aisle for my wedding… it was just really heartbreaking,” his 9-year-old daughter, Raine, recalled in a pre-taped interview. Michaels said it was thinking about these potentially missed moments that helped him with the recovery. “It gave me this unsinkable strength. It gave me this amazing courage to want to survive,” the teary-eyed father revealed.

Despite the seriousness of his situation, the 47-year-old has managed to keep a sense of humor…even while he was in the hospital. When asked by Winfrey why he still wore the bandana during his treatment, the rocker explained: “It’s like Superman without the cape,” Bret joked. “I said, ‘If I’m going out, I want to go out rocking.’ I said, ‘Leave the boots on, some form of the bandana and a cape…Not in that hospital gown.’ “

The singer is next expected to appear in Biloxi, Mississippi on May 28 where he’ll be performing at the Hard Rock Live. There’s also a chance he’ll make he’ll make it to the live finale on May 23.



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