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Thursday October 28, 2010 11:45 am

VIDEO: President Obama on The Daily Show

The President of the United States of America appeared on Comedy Central’s Daily Show Wednesday night … but if you thought Barack Obama was going to spend his time trading quips with host Jon Stewart, you were wrong.

Stewart, as usual, set the tone for the interview immediately: serious but fun. He solemnly addressed the President and shook his hand before presenting him with Mug Force One -- a classic Daily Show cup, embellished in celebration of the occasion.

The two got down to hard-hitting issues right away. Stewart opened up the floor to talk about health care, Congress -- Obama’s entire administration.

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Stewart, who has interviewed everyone from the most contentious politicians and pundits to the most A-list of Hollywood celebs, didn’t pull any punches. When Obama said that he had managed to achieve some things during his time in office that “some folks don’t even know about,” Stewart quickly fired “What have you don’t that we don’t know about?”

The host honestly asked Obama if he thought the new health care legislation was “too timid.” The Pres had a ready answer: "What happens is, it gets discounted because the assumption is we didn't get 100 percent of what we wanted, we only get 90 percent of what we wanted—so let's focus on the 10 percent we didn't get."

But there were a few jokes, too, and Obama had the audience on his side from the very beginning.

To wrap up the interview, Obama urged people to vote in the midterm elections which are being held nationwide on November 2. That's a direct order from the Commander in Chief, people.



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