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Tuesday November 3, 2009 3:23 am

VIDEO: More Dead People Appear in DirecTV Ads

After hiring Chris Farley after death, the people over at Landline TV (more internet video funny guys—as if we didn’t have enough) predicted who DirecTV may hire for their next commercials:
“After testing the boundaries with their Chris Farley spot, DirecTV wrangles more famous people from beyond the grave to be in commercials. “

In the video, the level of offensiveness heightens with each ad, as Heath Ledger, President John F. Kennedy, and Jesus are all mouthpieces for the satellite TV company.

Read More | Deadline Hollywood

While they make a good point, their method is rather too distasteful for me. Hopefully this and other complaints make DirecTV think twice when they plan their next TV spot.

Then again, did you ever notice their ads when they used Beyonce, Hell Boy, or



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