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Thursday October 15, 2009 6:19 pm

Tyson and Holyfield to Reunite in Oprah’s Ring

Oprah Winfrey really knows how to milk her ratings cows. Recently, we’ve seen her interviews with Whitney Houston and Mackenzie Phillips stretch out over two separate hours. Now, is getting his Round 2.

This Friday, the former heavyweight champion will be sharing the stage with a very special guest: Evander Holyfield. Yes, that would be the same boxer Tyson bit - twice - during their June 1997 fight.

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Tyson, who admitted to issuing an insincere apology after the controversial match, told Winfrey he would like the opportunity to say sorry again. Now he may be getting his chance.

“When I see him sometimes, he’s a little leery of me,” Mike said on Monday. “I can feel the vibe and energy is not good, but I always wanted to shake his hand and apologize. I’ve known him for such a long time, and it was undisciplined. I was in a very competitive mood, and I wanted desperately to beat him for my own self-aggrandizement.”

Holyfield’s upcoming appearance with Tyson will be the first time the two have squared off in over a decade.



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