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Friday October 25, 2013 4:40 pm

TV Scoop: ‘Murder’ and ‘Charmed’ Reboots, ‘Catfish’ Renewed

Charmed+ Octavia Spencer has been cast as the lead for the upcoming NBC remake of Murder, She Wrote. While on the one hand I'm rejoicing that there's one more woman of color starring in a network program, I can't help but worry that TV is going to fall into Hollywood's current habit of incessantly choosing to produce remakes over original shows.

+ Speaking of unoriginal television, it has only been 7 years since Charmed aired its final episode, but apparently executives over at CBS think that it should already be rebooted. I guess perhaps this is the price we pay for American Horror Story: Coven being so damn good.

+ Apparently people are still tuning into MTV shows, because the former music video network has renewed Catfish for another season. I suppose it beats putting out another show involving teenagers and their unplanned pregnancies.

(American Horror Story: Coven spoilers after the jump!)

+ According to a blatant hint in the form of an Instagram post of James Lipton in an Adidas jumpsuit doing the chicken dance,  the cast of Arrested Development is likely to be appearing on his show, Inside the Actor's Studio, pretty soon. Here's to hoping that one of the cast members will throw fans a bone about the possible upcoming film and fifth season.

Almost Human creators J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman open up about the freshman show, pointing out its similarities and differences to Abrams' and Wyman's previous shows like Alias and Fringe. The writers talk boast about the show's originality, but I can't help but see it as I, Robot, but with the robots looking just like people...

+ New photos of American Horror Story: Coven star Evan Peters on the show's New Orleans set see him in his frat boy attire. His character FrankenKyle has been mute and murderous the last couple episodes - is this a sign of upcoming flashbacks, or is he going to be able to return to college like a real boy?



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