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Sunday December 9, 2007 11:00 pm

This Week on TV (12/10-12/16)

The Hills


MONDAY (12/10)
  • (ABC, 8pm):  “Linus and Lucy’s little brother, Rerun, hangs with Snoopy and his own sibling, the desert-dwelling Spike.”  Was I the only one not aware of the What’s Happening!/Peanuts crossover episode?
  • (CBS, 8pm):  “Ted asks his doctor on a date and his friends try to discourage him from dating someone he sees regularly.”  Relationships clearly work best when you never see them at all.
  • (ABC, 9:30pm):  “Lauren tries to convince her sister to move to LA so she can be nearby when the baby is born.”  Lauren’s sister isn’t stupid.  She knows what ‘be nearby’ means.
  • (MTV, 10pm): Season finale.  “Lauren gets an offer to go to Paris.”  I really hope doesn’t take their version of quality programming overseas (again).  The French hate us already.
TUESDAY (12/11)
  • (ABC, 8pm):  A repeat of the hit.  I must admit, I’ve watched the ‘Santa Claws’ segment several times via Tivo already.  (You gotta love that Puss.)
  • (NBC, 8pm):  “A Broadway performer and a 16-piece orchestra cheer on a Utah woman.”  When will this show finally get around to sporting costumes like Let’s Make a Deal?
  • (ABC, 8:30pm):  “Winnie fouls up the delivery of his friends’ lists to Santa, so he masquerades as Mr. Claus to make their dreams come true.”  They all better love honey.
  • (FX, 10pm):  “Sean tries to recapture his youth through a relationship with Eden.”  Oh no.  Every time he does something like that, someone ends up getting hit by a bus.


  • (CBS, 8pm):  Season finale.  I’m not sure which was louder: the controversy this show started with or the thud it ended with.
  • (CW, 8pm):  Season finale.  CoverGirl is hoping to finally recruit a spokesmodel without an annoying accent.
  • (ABC, 8pm):  Actor returns to handle an ‘aroma-related inquiry’.  Maybe Pee-wee should recruit his dog, Spot, to help him out!
  • (CW, 9pm):  Series premiere.  “Mother-daughter teams compete in a series of beauty-pageant challenges.”  I can’t wait to see the tag team hair-pulling.


THURSDAY (12/13)
  • (CBS, 8pm):  “Some of the castaways enjoy a feast on the Great Wall of China.”  Their stinky presence is blamed for a drop in Chinese tourism.
  • (NBC, 9pm):  Special time.  “The staffers celebrate the holidays with a party—which comes complete with a lusty Santa.”  This is an upgrade from the lushy Santas of yesteryear.
  • (NBC, 9:30):  I’m predicting the Justin Timberlake segment will be played at least three times in this 90-minute show.
  • (VH1, 10pm):  Enough of the holiday good will.  I’m looking forward to hearing tell it like it really is.


FRIDAY (12/14)
  • (NBC, 8pm):  The annual airing of the beloved classic.  Thanks to the writer’s strike, it will now air daily as well.
  • (ABC, 8pm):  “Jane throws out Sam’s favorite shirt.”  Ooh.  This is definitely a controversial episode.  I could easily see both their sides.
  • (ABC, 9pm):  “Cindy tries to find some new evidence to gain the Club’s respect.”  I had no idea this show was so catty.  Can the ‘club’ blackball her too?
  • (CBS, 10pm):  “A former FBI subcontractor guns down an agent inside the agency’s HQ and takes a member of Don’s team hostage.”  Methinks somebody’s number is up.  (I just had to say that.)


SUNDAY (12/16)
  • (CBS, 8pm): Season finale and reunion show.  Will Todd admit to pulling a Jonny Fairplay?  Will the lunch lady returns sans mullet?
  • (HBO, 9pm):  ‘The Extra Special Series Finale’.  What?  Both George Michael and will guest-star??  I really need to get again.
  • (Showtime, 9pm):  Season finale.  Why haven’t I watched this show yet?  That’s right—because I just can’t get sucked into another series.



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