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Monday March 17, 2008 2:34 pm

The Rehab Reunion: Where Are They Now?

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Celebrity Rehab - Dr. DrewFrom the first moment I saw with Dr. Drew, I was hooked. While celebrities struggled with the demons of their own addictions, I developed a new one of my own. Ever the cynic, I’m the first one to cry false when it comes to reality TV…but I can’t do that with this show. Infinitely touching, sad, happy, provocative, evocative, it’s probably the best show I’ve ever seen. So where was I Thursday night when the celebrities joined together six months after their televised project to talk about their recoveries? Naturally, I was glued to the TV. And if you missed it, I suggest you put everything else on hold until you catch up.

The absence of two - former contestant Jessica Sierra and famous brother Daniel Baldwin - was immediately apparent, though not addressed until the show was almost over. Statistically, only one in ten of them will successfully cease their addictions even after the intensive rehabilitation they all faced. Of the cast, only four suffered no serious relapses with their addictions.

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Video clips helped to provide the updates on each one. Fighting champion Rico is back at his career and on the wagon, while former adult film star Mary Carey has started to move away from the industry that helped fuel her own self-destructive behavior. Brigitte is back at home with her family and has not touched drugs or alcohol since her Celebrity Rehab stint. Former wrestler Chyna is under the care of a therapist and is working toward becoming happy and well-adjusted despite her addictions. And that’s where most of the good news ends.

Jamie, who entered rehab for help with her marijuana addiction, still smokes. Shifty, who has suffered multiple relapses in the past, experienced more problems once leaving the safety of rehab. And darling Jeff Conway, who became an early standout and much-loved cast member, still takes strong pain medication for his back problems. Despite urging from Dr. Drew, Jeff would not commit to a date for entering rehab again. Daniel Baldwin, who lost the trust of his fellow cast mates, did not attend the event and no updates were offered on his whereabouts.

Jessica SierraBut the most tragic story of all belongs to , whose exploits have been well-publicized. After leaving Celebrity Rehab, Sierra enrolled herself in a Sober Living house to help make the transition to a drug-free lifestyle. Sadly, Jessica experienced a relapse when she was called to Florida for a court date. She violated her probation and was arrested once more, this time facing a possible ten-year prison stint. Dr. Drew traveled to Florida and spoke to the judge on Sierra’s behalf. Today, she is once again at the Pasadena Rehabilitation Center, where she will remain until her year-long treatment sentence is over.

Emotions ran high as the footage of Jessica was shown (and of course, I’m talking about my own), but the biggest tear-jerker of all came at the end of the broadcast. Dr. Drew delivered a heartfelt speech, thanking his patients for all they did, but before the wrap the celebrities turned the tables on him. For the first time all night, the doctor was told to watch a video clip. Next, we were treated to a sincere montage of thank-yous, with each of the celebrities talking about what a huge difference Dr. Drew has made in their lives. Drew himself even teared up a little at these lovely messages.

Not all of them are sober, but that doesn’t mean the project was a failure. Despite the notable tragedies (Jessica Sierra and beloved Jeff Conway), there were also some notable successes. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew became one of those rarely real shows, and we’ll never see another of its ilk again. I’d like to second the gratitude of the celebrities who participated and give credit where it’s due - thank you, Dr. Drew.


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I think they should post things on air while taking positive intentions of addicts and addiction control centers interest's high.

you are right moviefreak

I agree with your views and thankful for sharing the views.

well i can only say that the idea was good but its really hard to justice with such subject. but it could be a great show but it didnt

It is just for the promotion of the show. Nothing is true in it. I don't believe in such things.

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