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Thursday October 23, 2008 1:57 pm

SNL Alum Not Amused By Sarah Palin

After tons of hype and media attention, vice presidential candidate finally made an appearance (for real) on SNL. I would have rather just watched Tina Fey (who at least makes the wanna-be veep seem charming)…and apparently I’m not alone in that sentiment.

“Quite frankly, it’s a big mistake to let her go on,” said former regular and Weekend Update anchor Chevy Chase. “Apparently, she [Sarah Palin] cannot improvise herself out of a paper bag!” Or drooping polls.

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The Alaska governor was featured in the show’s opening skit and appeared at the Update desk with current anchors and Seth Meyers. “On Weekend Update, that was her big chance,” said Chase. “Nothing.”

But is it Palin’s comedy that Chase can’t stand…or her politics? “The management behind McCain’s campaign has been dumb,” Chase continued. “This has only helped accentuate the problem of his judgment in choosing, in such a cynical way, a candidate like Sarah Palin for vice president.” The comments were given to Access Hollywood while Chevy Chase was appearing at an event. “If anything, you just want her to be seen just from a distance.” Kinda like Monet paintings?

“I’m sure she’s very bright,” Chase offered a rather backhanded compliment. “But so is the Butterworth woman.” Oooooh! BURN!

Okay…so what about Palin’s prime spoofer, ? Chevy, not a man to mince words, didn’t hold back. “Tina’s great!” He cried.

And I agree. Let’s eighty-six Palin on SNL and just do every sketch with Fey. Now, there’s an episode I’d watch. Bring back to do his classic George W. Bush, and perhaps we can all feel good about politics once again.


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In the word of Nap. Dyn., GROSS!

I just watched Saturday's episode, and yeah, I noticed that one. I fast-forwarded through the skit though, it didn't seem funny.

[quote author="HectorGearLive"]It's like on every other episode this happens. :)[/quote] Whats the smile for?

i haven't watched SNL in forever. maybe this is for the better.

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