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Wednesday February 27, 2008 12:33 am

Simon Cowell Makes His American Idol Selection

David ArchuletaUp until now, has been very cautious about airing any Idol predictions, probably in fear of a potential backlash. But Cowell didn’t hold back on today’s edition of Extra.  I’m guessing Terri Seymour’s association with the show probably had something to do with him being extra chatty.  (Terri being his girlfriend, of course.)

According to the judge, David Archuleta will ultimately be crowned this season’s winner.  Simon cited the 17-year-old’s likability and looks (coupled with his ability) as the reasons for his choice.

While I believe David’s “Aw-shucks” attitude will soon tire with me (if it hasn’t already), I have to admit tonight’s rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine was undeniably gorgeous.  (If you missed the show, you can see him take the stage after the jump.)  Sadly, based on Tuesday’s generally crappy performances, Archuleta really wouldn’t have to do much to take it all.

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