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Friday August 1, 2008 5:15 pm

Shane West Checks Back Into ER

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Shane West on ERNo legs? No problem! According to Entertainment Weekly, will be returning to ER for the show’s final season. And he’ll, thankfully, be doing a lot better than when he left County General.

When we last saw Ray Barnett in May 2007, he was heading back home to get away from Neela and to deal with his recently amputated legs. (Actor West was also hoping to score a new show on FOX.) Now, with a new set of prosthetics, Ray is ready to visit Chicago as a fully-rehabbed man.

The good news? Ray’s presence will definitely have some sort of effect on his ex-roommate’s life. The bad news? West is only scheduled to appear in two episodes. The first being on October 30, the second happening sometime before the series finale.

Let’s just hope someone ends up with a functional relationship by the time this whole thing wraps up.

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