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Friday March 18, 2011 11:52 pm

Pretty Little Liars: Season One Finale Spoilers

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Pretty Little Liars - ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars has been getting more intense with each drama-packed episode -- and, there is still a killer on the loose. So how can the show possibly top itself in the upcoming season finale, “For Whom the Bell Tolls?”

How about by turning to the original master of suspense for a little inspiration? That’s right -- things are about to get downright Hitchcockian on ABC Family. Keep reading to find out where one intense confrontation will take place, and why we’re praying we can keep waiting until Monday to find out what’s going to happen…

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PLL creator I. Marlene King has admitted that the season finale will pay tribute to one of Hitch’s films, but we’re going to rule out Psycho right now. After all, we already got one epic shower scene this season.

We do know this: many intense scenes of the finale will play out in one of Rosewood’s churches. Spencer’s big sis Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) says that “what happens in the church really, really affects Melissa a lot. The church is a huge, huge, huge part of the season finale.”

Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) will find new brother-in-law Ian (Ryan Merriman) at the church, where he’s supposed to meet his bride to discuss the christening of their expected baby. But Spencer has a different agenda: confronting Ian about his role in Alison’s death/disappearance (the way this show is going, we’re not taking anything for granted).

According to DeVitto, “two really huge, epic things happen to Melissa.” Huge and epic -- yikes!

So, you have your mission: find an Alfred Hitchcock movie that involves a church, a murder, maybe a ringing bell (the title of the episode) and beautiful girls. And if you find one that feels inspiring, maybe you’ll unlock the secrets to Monday night’s big finale episode.



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