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Tuesday May 1, 2007 5:24 pm

May’s Big Sendoffs

TV Remote It’s May, and that can only mean one thing: finales. The official TV season is ending so that summer’s reality programming can begin, but all the hot shows are determined to go out with a bang. Which show will have the most surprising finale of all? Which shows will only be coming back in re-runs? How will they all say good-bye? There’s only one way to find out – but you don’t have to watch them all.

After nine hilarious seasons, The King of Queens cast will say their final good-byes on Monday, May 14 at 9pm ET. The CBS show will get a big send-off to cap off its almost decade-long run, giving fans that chance to laugh at Kevin James and Jerry Stiller one last time. The dramatic hour-long finale will have plenty of tears but lots of laughter, too. Insiders say the show will have a happy ending. The real tragedy behind King of Queens going off the air is that Jerry Stiller will no longer have a sitcom gig – and that man is hysterical. 

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Is the Tuesday, May 15 finale the end of the CW’s Gilmore Girls? Those close to the show aren’t giving anything away – which means they’re probably holding out to see how many tune in to the finale at 8pm ET. Rory will get a big graduation party in this finale, while Lorelai and Luke try to work out their differences. What will happen between them? The only way to find out is to watch.

Another king will sign off his season on FOX Sunday, May 20, at 7pm ET. The eleventh season of King of the Hill is going to end just the way the show usually begins – Hank and his buddies drinking beer and hanging in the alley. The Hills will return to FOX for another season next year.

For fans who want drama, the Desperate Housewives finale delivers. ABC will air the show’s finale Sunday, May 20 at 9pm ET with not one but two weddings. Marcia Cross returns as Bree to witness the nuptials of Gaby (Eva Longoria) and Victor (John Slattery), but a secret wedding will also be taking place.

ABC is still counting on romance with its Bachelor finale. All season, he’s been touted as both an officer and a gentleman, and he’ll get the chance to prove it on the show’s Monday, May 21 season finale at 9pm ET. After several seasons without a proposal, this year’s Bachelor says he will pop the question on stage. Since the show finished filming, the secret couple has been hiding out. They wear disguises when meeting to avoid cameras and looky-loos, but all that will end when his final choice is revealed to viewing audiences.

No finale is ever looked forward to with as much speculation as that of FOX’s American Idol. The final two will await their results on Wednesday, May 23 at 8pm ET. Who will take the Idol crown? Whoever America votes for! The final results show promises to be filled with tears, excitement, and catcalls from the audience. Just another night on Idol



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