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Monday January 18, 2010 6:31 pm

Lots and Lots of Glee Spoilers!

Entertainment Weekly pinned down producer Ryan Murphy at the Golden Globes and got him to spill a ton of secrets on upcoming episodes of the hit series.

Will knowing what’s coming help you deal with Glee withdrawals…or make the longing that much more acute? Either way, keep reading to get all the spoilers.

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Rachel and Puck will definitely get back together in an episode titled “Bad Reputation.” According to Murphy, “they have two numbers together” in the episode, the fourth to premiere in the second season.

Murphy was understandably excited about the episode, which is being filmed right now. “It’s got like ten numbers in it, and the production value is very big. We adore her and worship her,” he said of the singing sensation. According to related rumors, Jane Lynch (Coach Sue Sylvester) will be doing “Vogue” in the episode. I’m predicting that Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) will be the one to nail “Material Girl.”

As well all know, Glee is doing a to fill three new roles. Murphy has now spilled on what two of those roles will be: a boyfriend for Kurt and an Eve Harrington type that will make a veritable Bette Davis out of Rachel Berry (and if you don’t get the reference, it’s time to brush up on your classic cinema). Kurt and his new guy won’t skulk in the shadows of McKinley High, they’re going to be “out and proud and glamorous.”

More celebrities are lining up to do a stint on Glee. Oliver Newton-John will definitely do a with Jane Lynch, and Ryan Murphy has a meeting scheduled with Jennifer Lopez. He said that “a lot of people are coming out saying they love the show and would I meet with them and write something.”



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