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Thursday December 9, 2010 11:59 pm

Kevin Bacon Channeled His Inner Diva to Make Google TV Ad

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Millions have seen the Google TV commercial starring Kevin Bacon as his own biggest fan. The ad left many scratching their heads … but, they were probably laughing when they were doing it. So, how does a one-minute ad spot become the stuff of legendary advertising? Take one actor who won’t compromise, some interesting hair and make-up ideas, and you’ve got commercial history.

“I didn’t know how far [Logitech] wanted to go with the look and the character. If it was just me kind of walking around, people would think it was weird,” Kevin Bacon explained. While people still think it’s a little bit weird, most seem to really “get” the ad -- and we’ve got Kevin Bacon to thank.

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“It was sort of like any other character that you play,” the actor explained. “I happened to have a mustache [at the time] and so we left that on. We started to test some different things in terms of the hair and the makeup.”

But Kevin had a strong idea about what he wanted to do with the ad. “At one point there was some concern that I was going to go too far away from me -- you wouldn’t know it was me. I said, ‘Listen, I don’t want to be a diva about this, but you guys just have to let me do this the way I want to do it, because I think it’s going to work.’” And how.

More film was shot than what audiences have seen. Bacon dished on a few of the details: “There’s a little dancing that was kind of fun. There’s a lot more there.”

“I really like doing comedy, and I don’t get the opportunity that often because I’m not one of the comedy guys,” he said. After seeing the commercial, we think that Bacon should definitely get more opportunities to be funny.



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