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Monday June 8, 2009 1:48 am

How Does NBC Feels About Speidi’s Celebrity Antics?

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When compared his and wife Heidi’s fame to that of Brad and Angelina, it was only one more in a long line of similar egotistical comments the MTV reality star has made regarding his own celebrity status. Someone please explain to Pratt that a show which averaged 3 million viewers in its fifth season (that would be The Hills, Pratt’s big claim to fame) doesn’t compare to box office megahits like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which has earned more than $329 million internationally). See how Pratt stacks up against Angelina on the Forbes fortune list .

He calls himself a super-celebrity and says he’s far too famous to hang out with the likes of Lou Diamond Phillips, Sanjaya Malakar and Stephen Baldwin, among others. But it’s true that Heidi Montag and hubby have garnered major press for the newest show to feature the pair - mostly, because we’re amazed any two people could be so fanatically in love with themselves.

The bratty Pratts have already left on three separate occasions (that we know about), subsequently returning each time. It’s up in the air whether or not they’ll be welcomed back with open arms after they rested and refreshed themselves away from the show - the next chapter in their story won’t be revealed until the show airs Monday.

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But there’s no longer a question of whether or not NBC appreciates their cavalier attitudes. posted comments from a network bigwig on his site earlier this week. To quote Vice President of Alternative Programming Paul Telegdy, “They [Spencer and Heidi Pratt] are everything that’s wrong with America.” Not to put too fine a point on it. “They are insincere, lazy, entitled and they claim the devil has possessed them.” I caught that, too, and nearly injured myself laughing so hard. But let’s remember Spencer believes deeply in the power of prayer - he asked God to arrange a meeting between himself and Hannah Montana, and the Good Lord delivered. Actually, I think it likely had more to do with Pratt’s agent than the Lord on high, but to each their own.

Telegy’s comments continued: “They are back and this time they are contrite…yeah, right.”

Wow, I’ve got something in common with an NBC executive…we both find it hard to believe anything that comes from this egotistical, made-in-reality TV couple.

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