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Friday July 13, 2007 11:44 pm

Hey Paula! Have I Got A Few Things To Say To You…

Paula Abdul Let me first say that while it is not a quality show by any means, Hey Paula has given me exactly what I was hoping for:  a train wreck that I can count on.

And while I curse Paula Abdul weekly for being ditzy, overly emotional and sometimes rude (especially to her assistants)...I applaud her for opening up and showing us her true character.  Though I’m sure the actual results are much different from what I’m assuming she intended.

After her now infamously loopy string of satellite interviews promoting American Idol, Paula is seen on her show crying out of frustration.  What can her reps do to prove that she wasn’t drunk?  How can they save her image and reputation? (For the record: Paula claims that her nonsensical answers were simply due to lack of sleep).  Now even if I were to believe that she was not chemically altered in any way—that still doesn’t explain the irony of this series’ existence.  If she really wanted people to believe that she’s not crazy, she should have squashed the show long before it hit the air. Now I can understand why she hates her advisors.  They apparently did not counsel her properly in this area.

I remember when Paula appeared on a Dr. Phil episode a while back.  She sought help finding (and keeping) a man.  Maybe when she hears herself saying “I’m tired of people not treating me like the gift I am” she’ll understand.

And why does she think that anyone will sympathize with her being so busy…and in turn, so tired??  If you’re so freakin’ tired all the time—stop working so much! Don’t do the QVC jewelry line, and the perfume line, and the Bratz movie, and American Idol all at the same time.  Here’s my PR tip for you: People don’t feel sorry for people who have created their own success. They only feel sorry for the people who work very hard—without the aid of a thousand assistants—and get paid very little.

And while I’m at it, let me throw in a bonus PR tip for you:  when you feel like you can’t do any more, ask yourself “What Would Ryan Seacrest Do?”.  That man has a gazillion more jobs than you do, and I never hear him complaining.  And even if he were as rude to his assistants as you are, I’m sure he’d be smart enough not to air his dirty laundry in a reality show. But then we wouldn’t be graced with the disaster that is Hey Paula...



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