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Sunday September 30, 2012 1:00 pm

First Look: The Governor and Michonne of The Walking Dead

The Governor, played by David Morrissey

AMC's popular zombie drama series The Walking Dead returns this Fall for its third season with new characters whose small screen arrivals have been eagerly anticipated by the comic book's fans since the series first aired.

One of those characters is the Governor (pictured above), played by British actor David Morrissey. A big bad of the upcoming season, executive producer Greg Nicotero reveals that the Governor on the show will still surprise fans of the comic: "It's very different from what you know of the character from the graphic novel, with the long stringy hair."

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Michonne, played by Danai Gurira

Michonne - the sword-wielding, zombie-toting lady introduced in last season's finale - is portrayed by Treme's Danai Gurira. After saving Andrea from zombies last season, the pair will find themselves bonding as they are held captive by the Governor. Speaking about how Michonne uses her katana, Gurira said, "Michonne uses it very practically, effectively,  efficiently and economically -- she's not trying to be flashy."

The Walking Dead season three airs Sunday, October 14 at 9pm EST on AMC.



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