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Thursday October 9, 2008 2:04 pm

DirecTV Out of Line With Newest Ad?

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DirecTV logoWe giggled when Christopher Lloyd talked about the future of DirecTV for a commercial spot. We laughed when Kathy Bates and William Shatner joined the fray. We ogled Baywatch-era Pam Anderson tout the service for her spot. We fell over in hysterics when we saw the Scooby Doo advertisement. But now, DirecTV may have twisted the funny bone of some viewers a little too hard. Their latest ad, just another in a long string of past pop culture references, has inspired some pretty heated controversy.

The ads were drawing attention even before the campaign hit the fan. Using the same actors and scenes but different lines, the service has promoted itself as an alternative to cable by putting us once again back in our favorite movie moments - as if to prove that the second time around really can be better than the first with DirecTV. They’re funny, they’re clever and they’re working. Er…they were.

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In the most recent spot, Craig T. Nelson touts the service from the 80s-era set of Poltergeist, a movie which literally made me unable to hear the national anthem or mess with double-door closets for three years. Don’t see anything different about this ad? The spot is like all the others - it takes a familiar scene and changes the lines to promote a product in a fresh, funny way.

Here’s the rub: “they’re he-ere” child actress Heather O’Rourke suffered a tragic death in 1988 at the age of 12. The event sparked one of the biggest urban movie myths in an age (for many believed ghosts killed the young star) and touched many lives. Now, her image has been resurrected for a commercial, and plenty of viewers are saying it’s inappropriate. View the spot below:


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It totally depends on the day and whether or not I want to watch it when it's on TV. For example, on Thursdays, I had to watch Smallville, Ugly Betty, CSI, Grey's Anatomy and LOST. Haha, so you can tell I had a lot to watch in one night. I totally do prefer to watch it on my computer though because of no commercials and well, I can sit/relax on my bed and watch them. Also, it will depend on what I have to do and well, if I'm busy on that night, I can watch it later on in the week or something.

Yeah that is alot to watch in one night. Well if you miss one of those you can always watch them online..haah. That is a good thing to no comercials. I hate to be really getting into a show and then all of a sudden theres a commercial. I watch CSI on thursdays to the only CSI that I watch. I watch survivor and big brother when those are in season. Oh and almost forgot about Ghost Whisperer, thats about all though, usually I am goofing around on the computer or watching regular movies.

I always like to watch tv shows online, whenever i get bore then i watch law and order svu full episodes online.it's my fav show and related to my business. Because i'm a crime officer and it's also related with crime.

Hmm,I always watch it on T.V. T.v is better for me coz you can relax,get something to eat and watch it...hehe...But if I miss something,then I stream it or download it to the computer....Well,It depends on the individual.

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