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Tuesday November 20, 2007 10:38 pm

Dancing With The Stars: Week 9 Loser

Jennie GarthLast night’s competition was one for the record books.  A whopping eighteen 10’s were handed out by the judges.  Monday’s Top Two, and , each received six of those.

In fact, the only couple to not receive a 30 for one of their performances yesterday was and Jonathan Roberts.  But who needs points when they have the votes?  Even though the judges finally felt that tapped into her star potential last night, the star just didn’t have the wattage to outshine America’s sweetheart.  As soon as Marie was announced safe for next week’s finals, it was obvious that Garth would be the next go.

So will Osmond’s strong fan base help her win the coveted disco ball after next week’s finals?  Will the current fascination with help boost Melanie Brown’s profile?  Or will Helio wipe both ladies away with his charming smile alone?  Place your bets now!



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