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Friday November 1, 2013 5:52 pm

Connie Britton to Appear on ‘American Horror Story: Coven’?

Connie BrittonYou know that a series is brilliant when a former cast member who's currently the star of her own show openly announces how much she'd love to return to said show. Amirite?

Such is the case for Connie Britton, who recently told Rolling Stone that she'd fly down to New Orleans for a guest role on American Horror Story: Coven at the drop of a (witch) hat.

"I've actually have been talking to them this season, because they're down in New Orleans and I'm in Nashville. [I've] said, 'Okay, let's see if we can try to figure this out...' I'm like, 'I'll put that [pointy hat] on and jump on a plane and go to New Orleans.' Yes, I would do that. As long as we can figure it out with both productions, I'm in. I hope it happens."

In the hit FX show's first season, Britton played Vivien Harmon, the wife whom Dylan McDermott's character cheated on, prompting their fateful move to the haunted house to repair their relationship.

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