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Thursday March 17, 2011 2:04 am

Behind the Glee: Chris Colfer Talks Original Songs

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In this fantastic video clip, Glee’s Chris Colfer talks about his long-awaited on-screen kiss with Darren Criss and singing original songs. Because his character, Kurt, is no longer a part of New Directions, Colfer did not get to sing an original song in the “Original Song” episode (bummer). But, he did compose a catchy little tune on the spot (“I miss Mercedes… and all my single ladies”).

He also spent some time joking around with castmate Darren Criss about their passionate kiss, complaining that Criss never called him afterward. “I don’t kiss and tell, unless it’s on camera,” he explained. Watch the entire video to get a look at what Glee is like behind-the-scenes.



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