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Thursday October 11, 2007 4:20 pm

Beauty and the Geek: ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’

Beauty & the Geek Season 4It’s three episodes into the fourth season of The CW’s (my guilty pleasure) and we have lost two very likable teams: Tony and Amanda and Hollie and Josh. And it sucked to say goodbye to such good personalities – Tony, the lovable Asian, and Hollie, the adorable Betty Boop impersonator. Adding to the sting is that fact that the players who keep winning (i.e. Will, his tramp Rebecca and man-beauty Sam) are the least likable of all. I suppose every show needs a villain.

We enter this week’s episode with the continuation of a blossoming romance between Sam (the man-beauty who was 1/2 of this season’s “twist”) and Rebecca. Stupid Sam invited his airheaded crush to join him on the top bunk for some hanky-panky, knowing full-well that his partner Nicole (the girl-geek “twist”) was in the bunk below. The ensuing awkward situation upset the fragile Nicole who had even offered to shack up elsewhere if he ever needed the room. Nicole then distanced herself from Sam so as to avoid confronting him about it. Sam dopily discussed feeling bad about it in a confessional.

Read the rest of the recap and find out which geek tricked his/her partner after the jump.

For this week’s challenge, the beauties and geeks were told that the audience was given the power of choosing their favorite challenges from past seasons. The favorite beauty challenge and favorite geek challenge would then be implemented as the next contests. The beauties and geeks prepared for all possible outcomes, but the episode seemed to focus on the geek’s preparation for a possible massage challenge. Surprise, surprise – the massage challenge won and with the bronzed beauties laid-out and blindfolded, each geek took his turn making his way from beauty to beauty delivering his best massage.

Despite David’s – er, interesting “typewriter” massage (which the LARPer claims his mother enjoys) he was not chosen as the winner. And even more surprisingly, neither was Will, whose easy partner Rebecca is a, you guessed it, massage therapist. No, this week went to the good guys as Jesse walked away with the win. Will and Rebecca immediately felt the pressure to win the next challenge. After all, they had unjustly sent Jesse and his partner Erin to the elimination room last week.

The beauties’ challenge was the memorable “rocket assembly” challenge where the girls were required to use their construction and chemistry skills to build and fly a model rocket. The girls all struggled with the task while man-whore Sam easily assembled his rocket and won the challenge. B & G fans everywhere groaned at the thought of dealing with Sam for another week. But there is still hope to get rid of his suck-face partner.

That moment came when, as was expected, Jesse and Erin announced that they would be sending Will and Rebecca to the elimination round. In a stroke of genius, Sam’s girl-geek partner Nicole tricked Sam (not a difficult task) into thinking that Will and Jennifer were the easiest team to beat (and in that case, Sam’s lover will win and get to stay another week). In reality, Nicole knows full well that they will be the most formidable opponents to face powerhouse team. Of course, after the announcement, Rebecca sobbed like a baby and nobody helped her pack while everyone gathered with Jennifer to help her prepare. The ladies will answer Q’s about rockets/space while the guys answer questions about girly stuff.

In the elimination room, Rebecca was unable to answer any questions correctly while Jennifer landed one right answer. The geeks were ushered in and Jesse scored another point for his team putting all the pressure on Will. With his team’s future on the line, Will was unable to answer his next question and the first of two dragons had been slain – Rebecca and Will were eliminated. Rebecca took it fairly well, pondering during the post-elimination confessional whether Sam had played her and then set her up for elimination. No, he didn’t, but his partner did.

Next week’s episode is the annual favorite – geek makeovers. Stay tuned!



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