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Monday April 9, 2007 1:57 am

America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 8: The Girl Who Gets Thrown In The Pool

Top Model

With Diana gone now, Whitney had to learn how to live life without her.  Meanwhile, Renee was still upset - I feel like a broken record now - that Sarah got twice the number of stills than the other models.  Yes, yes—we all know she didn’t deserve it…

The next day, the girls met up with Lesley Hornby, aka Twiggy.  Twiggy told them the story behind her iconic name (it was a nickname a friend had given her because of her rail-thin legs).  It’s no doubt that her unique name had something to do with launching her modeling career.  Later, Melrose from ANTM Cycle 7 joined the session.  Many people might not remember that Melrose’s name was actually a contraction of her real name:  Melissa Rose.  Together, the two mentors encouraged the contestants to come up with a distinct name of their own.

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While some models were already blessed with a unique moniker (Jael, Jaslene), others were desperate to come up with something quickly.  Whitney stole Melrose’s trick and contracted her own name (Whitelle); Brittany simply shortened hers (Brit); and Dionne used a nickname given by her mother (Who-la-hay).  On a completely random note—I’ve noticed that Renee has taken to wearing completely annoying head wraps these days.  What is up with that??

The ladies - and their new personalities - were then sent off to attend a celebrity-packed party for Smart Water.  Stars including Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, 50 Cent and Bill Maher were in attendance…more importantly, so was Benny Medina (Tyra’s manager).  The girls were tasked to mingle and make an impression with the party goers.  Additionally, they would be called to task during private interviews with Medina in his private VIP room.

Unfortunately, the girls received mixed reactions inside the VIP lounge.  Sarah was criticized by Medina for choosing an unimpressive alternate ego; Britt presented a very messed up weave; and Dionne teared up in front of Benny’s guests when the subject of her daughter came up.  Meanwhile, outside the room… Renee told Nicole Richie that Jael was the bitchiest girl in the group.  Coincidentally, 50 Cent found Jael so extremely annoying that he pushed her into the pool…twice.  Needless to say, Jael was later lectured by Medina for her behavior.  Not that bad press has stopped Naomi Campbell from being a big star or anything.

The next day, the girls met up with Jay Manuel.  But before things got started, Dionne found out that she won the challenge with Benny Medina.  He found her interview to be refreshing.  For her win, she was awarded a national campaign shoot for Keds.  She chose Whitney and Jaslene to join her.

For their shoot this week, the girls went back to basics.  Instead of modeling with props or a backdrop, they had to rely solely on their emotions.  After choosing their own hair and makeup, the ladies worked their face to sell a series of different head shots.  For the first time in weeks, Brittany (innocent, goofy, devilish) started to show a bit of weakness.  Jay thought she came off a bit cocky and flat.  Jaslene (modelesque, cha cha diva, drag queen) was disappointing as well.  She didn’t manage to show any diversity across all her stills.  On the other end, Jael (sexy beast, dominator, revolutionary peacemaker) rocked her shoot.  Although she seemed a bit overdragged out in her makeup, her performance was strong a la Grace Jones.  Meanwhile, Sarah (innocent, angry, regret) continued her pretty ‘but posed’ phase while Whitney (seductress, thinker, comedianne) fought hard not to look like a bad catalogue model.

Later that night, Sarah called her parents convinced that she was about to go home.  And boy, was she right to be worried.  The judges were completely unimpressed with her posed and ‘corny’ shoot this week and put her in the Bottom Two.  Whitney was right there with her having put out a very ‘amateur’ shoot.  As for who came out on top?  The honor this week went to Jael.  They all felt she had the best week ever.

Although she had been close to elimination before, Whitney somehow managed to see another day.  In the end, the judges felt that being a photographer didn’t necessarily make someone a great model.  LOSER: Sarah

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