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Monday October 10, 2005 5:12 am

Oprah Aids In Arrest of Two Fugitive Sex Offenders

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OprahToday is yet another day that we wish we were as cool as Oprah. I mean, we envy her for being able to get excellent ratings in the 4:00 hour by having people watch her get her ears pierced, but now she is helping to clean up the streets of the U.S. Last week Oprah dedicated a full show to explaining the dangers of sex offenders. During the broadcast, Oprah promised $100,000 to anyone who led to the arrest of specific sex offenders featured on the program. Two days later, William C. Davis of Wadesville, Indiana was arrested in Fargo. After that, Niles Scott was apprehended as well. Two down, and and a couple of people are now one-hundred grand richer.

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