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Thursday November 3, 2005 5:08 pm

On TV Tonight: Too Many Good Shows

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ERThursday has got to be the best night of TV for each network.  You need 2 TiVos to keep up…

ABC:  ABC is the only channel not showing new shows tonight.  They are running “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.”  A great movie, but I can’t watch movies with commercials.

CBS:  Probably the best 1-2 punch of the night on CBS.  At 8:00, Survivor: Guatemala.  The tribes are merging and there seems to be some good drama coming from last week’s preview.  At 9:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is back from a few weeks off.  At 10:00 Without a Trace is a good alternative if you don’t like ER.

NBC:  NBC starts with comedy, moves to reality, then transitions to drama.  Joey is on at 8:00 followed by the final season of Will & Grace at 8:30.  Joey isn’t doing as well as the network had expected, but it’s a funny show in its own right.  The Apprentice, the good one, is on at 9:00 and we’ll see the 10th, and possibly the 11th and 12th, person fired tonight.  NBC ends the night with the long running ER, with guest star John Leguizamo.

FOX:  At 8:00 The OC is back all new after the baseball break.  Maybe I’m tainted being from Orange County, but this show is the best.  I hope Ryan gets into a fight with some preppy kids tonight.  At 9:00 is the new show Reunion.  Each episode represents a year in 6 close friends lives from 1986 (high school graduation) until 2006 (20-year reunion).  The first episode shows you someone was murdered and one of them is the guilty one.  Its a good concept but not sure how’ll they’ll do season 2.

WB:  At 8:00 is Smallville followed by Everwood at 9:00.  I bet Superman saves the day.

UPN:   UPN has a few really good shows (Veronica Mars,) but they always get lost in the shadows of the big networks.  Everybody Hates Chris at 8:00 is a perfect example.  Its a really funny show, and I’d say its like The Wonder Years and Malcolm in the Middle, if those shows were written by Chris Rock.  Very funny if you get a chance to see it.  At 8:30 is Love, Inc.  followed by Eve at 9:00 and Cuts at 9:30.

Great night of TV.  Have fun watching.

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