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Nip/Tuck:  Granville Trapp

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Nip/TuckAlthough I’ve never been able to stomach surgery scenes, I’ve ironically been obsessed with anything related to plastic surgery.  Who are the freaks behind these stories?  Why does that socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein, insist on looking like a cat?  Why does Melissa Rivers want to emulate her mother?  Why did those brothers on MTV actually think they could look like Brad Pitt?  And more importantly—why do I care?  This is why I love .  It gives this newcomer all I want - and more.  Some Nip/Tuck devotees may accuse me of jumping late onto the bandwagon, but I don’t care.  I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring. 

Oooh—and did things get all nice and awkward in last week’s episode, or what?

So, the Woman Who Cried Wolf in last week’s episode finally got the attention she so desired—a house call from The Carver.  Had she managed to stay alive, she would have ironically had something to brag about.  She was his first homicide.  Just goes to show that you better watch what you wish for.

NOTE:  I know that the Carver could be anyone on the show—man OR woman. But for the sake of argument, I’m just going to assume he’s a man for the time being.

So does The Carver have a conscience?  Appears that way.  He apparently felt guilty getting credit for work he did not do, so he felt obligated to finish his homework.  Was his first murder a particularly hasty - and sloppy - move?  Det. Kit McGraw was hoping so, and it appeared as if she found a major piece of evidence.  Or did she?  C’mon—would the killer really leave a semen-filled condom behind?  Well, the officers apparently thought so, and the evidence unexpectedly led them to a former Carver victim—Christian Troy. 

At the police department, Christian learns that Kimber had been questioned earlier that evening about his possible involvement.  During Kimber’s interrogation, Kit reveals that not only has she screwed Christian over, but that she screwed the BOTH of them as part of her investigation.  What better way to get to know a psychopath than to sleep with him?  Uhh—- are you kidding me with this? Like that wouldn’t be considered crossing the line or anything.

So what would you consider worse—getting gang-raped by the boys in prison, or being told by your long-lost mother that you were product OF a rape?  Luckily Christian didn’t have an encounter with the former, but somehow I think he’d rather prefer that to the latter.  Thanks to Kit, Christian (and the the lucky viewers) got to revisit hidden truths about his past, and also learn some new ugly ones.  Yes , Kit is quite a piece of work…but who could honestly fault her for thinking he was born for violence?  After all, he did demonstrate homicidal tendencies as a young child.  Practicing surgeries on cats is generally frowned up, even if the cats were already dead.

Oh—but then there’s also that nature vs. nurture issue.  Kit found Christian’s biological mother who had given him away at birth.  Seems his father was a serial rapist who liked to collect trophies.  Christian’s mother (actress Kathy Baker) couldn’t bear looking at the spitting image of her attacker, but she felt that it was necessary.  She owed it to the victims who were raped before her.  Their attacker’s son should not be carrying on like his father did.  Thanks, Mom.  I’ll be sure to send you a Mother’s Day card.

But even if your own parents fail you—you can always count on your best friend.  Yes, you might have slept with his wife and fathered his son…but he’ll always have your back, right?  Well…seems like 20 years of bonding doesn’t get you very far these days.  Sean may have felt comfortable inspecting Christian’s rear after he said he was raped—but defend him when he’s accused of murder?  That’s asking a bit much, isn’t it?  Granted, Sean did believe Christian in the beginning (didn’t he?) but his convictions started to wane as the damning evidence started to pile up. Why wouldn’t Christian ask for a lawyer?  Why would he have kept a tranquilizer hidden in his dresser?  Why would collect articles about the Carver?  Is Christian’s defense worth forking over $3-5 million for?  Well, Sean wasn’t quite sure, and Christian sensed his doubt.  Feeling betrayed, he walked away.

While imprisoned, news breaks of Christian’s arrest.  But a surprising turn of events gets him released not too long after.  The Carver had struck again.  And unless Christian is working a team-thing like in the movie Scream, he obviously was NOT the suspect.  Christian eventually returns to a practically deserted office.  Unsurprisingly, the bad PR had done quite a toll on the business.  Sean stumbles into Christian and awkwardly tries to welcome him back, but it seems that things may have been perfectly strained between them (what—no high five?).  Although Sean should have been grovelling for Christian’s forgiveness, Christian was the one bearing presents.  Surprise! He was the one who leaked the information to the press and and it turn financially bankrupt the company.  Hey Sean—payback’s a bitch, isn’t it?

But just when you thought that was the biggest surprise of the evening—it wasn’t!  The latest victim of The Carver was waiting for Christian in his office.  And surprise, surprise—who was the lucky victim this time?  None other than Miss Kit.  Now she better start apologizing to Christian for calling him a killer, or she won’t get her fixin’ for free…

Oooh—this bandwagon is a-rockin’!



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