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Wednesday January 21, 2009 9:54 pm

NBC Returns: George Clooney, Amy Ryan

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George ClooneyAmy Ryan

UPDATE: Entertainment Tonight now says Margulies will be returning with Clooney.

After months and months of speculation, several sources are now claiming that George Clooney will be reporting for ER duty after all. The news comes despite denials last year from the Academy Award winner himself.

It’s not known when Doug Ross will resurface on the show, but the network recently extended the series’ 15th - and final - season by three episodes. (The hospital will now officially close its doors on April 2.) It’s also unclear whether Julianna Margulies will be checking in as well. Although we’ve already seen appearances from Shane West, Anthony Edwards and Alex Kingston (Noah Wyle and Eriq La Salle will arrive later), Margulies said back in November that she had no intentions of returning. “I feel like I left Carol Hathaway in the best scenario possible,” Julianna told the AP.

Clooney, who was last seen in a 2000 episode, will film his scenes later this week.

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In other NBC scoop, Dunder Mifflin may be welcoming back their former HR exec. According to Entertainment Weekly, fans of The Office should expect to see (a.k.a. Michael Scott’s Holly) again. “She will come back,” executive produce Greg Daniels stated. “We haven’t written it yet, but we’re discussing her coming back for the season finale. We’re hoping she’ll be available.”

But will the Changeling star’s appearance just lead to more heartbreak…or will she and Michael actually find a way to work things out? If things go our way, Amy could be around for a while. “Because [Michael and Holly] have such a deep connection, I don’t think she can blow in and out every so often,” Daniels explained. “It would be too hard for him as a human being. So, we’re hoping to find some very significant things for them. And if we can get her to sign on for a really long period, we’ll do it.”



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