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Wednesday October 19, 2005 5:52 am

My Name Is Earl: Teacher Earl

My Name Is Earl

This week Earl’s goal was to make up for making fun of people with accents. The way he goes about this is to teach foreigners how to speak English. In the beginning, we see clips of Earl making fun of various foreigners with different accents with his brother laughing right along with him. Catalina tells Earl that he should not only be ashamed of himself, but he needs to teach people the English language. Earl’s friend Ralph (Giovanni Rabisi) gets out of jail after 18 months, and Earl makes it known that he wants to keep the whole “list” and “turning my life around” thing secret from him for the time being. Based on that, Earl found himself in some pretty interesting predicaments, as Ralph continued to steal things left and right in Earl’s presence. This brought up the whole karma issue, with Earl wondering if karma would hold him responsible for the bad things his friends was doing in his presence. He immediately went and made everything right by returning or paying for everything that Ralph stole.

Of course, Earl’s wife Joy got upset at Earl for teaching people English because the competition for her nail salon was a foreigner who just happens to be in Earl’s class. Ralph overheard the two talking, and thusly found out about Earl’s list. Earl went on explaining the list the next morning, and after Earl tells him about the $100,000 that he won, Ralph decides that he wants to go straight as well. We then see Earl struggling to teach foreigners how to read directions, but it seems that all they are learning under his guidance is how to repeat what they hear. This is evidenced by a gentleman being asked to repeat the directions to Earl’s home, only for him to recite a few lines from a television show, and ending with an ecstatic “Seacrest out!”

Earl then asked Kim Lee to recite the directions, but it turns out that she is Joy’s competition, and Joy was teaching her to say “I give you big infection” to all of her customers. Back with Earl, Ralph decided to go back to stealing because he figured after being good all morning that Karma would help him out. He bought over 20 lottery tickets in the afternoon, and did not win - therefore he stole a bunch of lamps from work. Earl figured the situation meant that it was time to say goodbye to his friend, but Randy decided to stay behind and hang out with Ralph. After all, Ralph promised to push Randy around on a stolen handtruck.

Earl then got a phone call from Ralph letting him know that Randy got stuck in a chimney while the two of them were trying to steal. Turns out, it was a set up by Ralph to get Earl out of his hotel room to try and steal his $100,000. Ralph ties up Randy to the handtruck, and puts him in a shower, continually flushing the toilet to burn Randy. When Earl gets back, Ralph knocks him out and takes his safe deposit key. Ralph dressed himself up like Earl, and went to the bank to steal the cash. Randy and Earl were both tied up to the handtruck when Randy told Earl to call out to “karma” to save them. When he does, Earl’s students arrive at the motel room to untie the pair. Turns out they learned from him after all. Earl called the police, and they stopped Ralph at the bank.

“Make fun of people with accents” is now crossed off the list.

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This is one of my new favorite shows.  Its really well written and Jason Lee is great as Earl.  If you haven’t checked it out do so, you are missing an awesome show…


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