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Saturday October 22, 2005 8:15 pm

King of Queens:  Sandwiched Out

King of QueensDon’t you hate it when someone’s got it better than you?  Well, apparently Doug and Carrie do.. which is why they gave their friends such a hard time in this week’s show. In Carrie’s case, the issue was with Arthur’s dog/person walker, Holly.  Despite a string of failed relationships, Holly announces that she is moving away to be with her boyfriend. (In other words—actress Chloe Reid is moving to ABC to star in their new comedy, Hot Properties).  Holly’s boyfriend, Carl, claims to own a limousine service and his own place in Manhattan.  Carrie doubts this guy is for real and encourages Holly to question him further.  Holly follows her advice, and comes back with even bigger news—now she’s engaged!  She proudly shows off her engagement ring, causing Carrie to scoff at how “comically big” the rock it is.  Carrie is later embarrassed when Holly discovers that her ring is absolutely flawless.

Unfortunately, this obsession Carrie has with Carl just won’t go away.  She investigates Carl’s background and comes up short when she only finds a few parking tickets to his name.  But of course, she just can’t give up.  So she interrogates Carl one last time at the engagement party and tries to prove that he is a fraud.  Carrie finally admits that she is jealous when her motives are questioned.  Apparently Holly was always the friend with the crappy life that made Carrie feel better about herself.  Holly feels bad for Carrie and apologizes that things worked out so well for her. Carrie is left to look for a new “friend.”

As for Doug, Deacon is the one who steals his dream right from under him, that being his sandwich dream.  To Doug’s dismay, they discover that the new sandwich at their favorite hangout has been named “The Deacon.”  This irks Doug because he claims the sandwich credit belongs to him.  Deacon dismisses Doug and says that “The Deacon” is actually different from Doug’s creation because it lacks ham and has horseradish instead of gravy.

As expected, Doug doesn’t take Deacon’s new found popularity well and tries to get Spence and Danny to choose sides.  He even begs the work lunch vendor to rename an item after him.  When all else fails, he tells Carrie that he wants to file a lawsuit against Deacon.  The whole debate eventually comes to a head at Holly’s engagement party when Deacon and Doug finally take the matter outside.  Spence eventually intervenes and says that he has convinced the bar to incorporate both their sandwich fixin’ ideas into a whole new offering—the Double D.

Ahh…friends.  If you can’t be better then them, hate ‘em!

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