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Monday April 17, 2006 11:17 pm

It’s True: ‘Saved By The Bell’ Will Join Adult Swim

Saved by The BellZap2it has confirmed some shocking news today; the late eighties/early nineties cheesefest Saved By the Bell will join the Adult Swim line-up, known for its wild and eclectic programming. We’re all for originality, but…Saved By the Bell?

Seems like the show is being added simply because many Adult Swim staffers carry fond memories of Zack Morris and the gang. In case you were in a coma during the show’s heyday, it follows the adventures of a group of very well-scrubbed, over-acting teens trying to get through high school with as much silliness as possible. But it wasn’t all bad: it did launch stars Elizabeth Berkly and Mark-Paul Gosselaar into fame with Showgirls and NYPD Blue, respectively.

Even longer-time fans will remember that Saved By the Bell was a spin-off of Good Morning, Miss Bliss, which starred Hayley Mills and followed several of the characters through middle school. How sad is it that I knew that without having to look it up?

Fans of Adult Swim aren’t impressed, though, judging by the flaming comments on message boards, so it’s in doubt whether Saved By the Bell will survive its two-week trial.

Sure, TV is filled with ghosts and aliens and even scrupulous lawyers, but this has got to be the strangest thing we’ve heard in a long, long, time.

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