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Sunday March 8, 2009 6:19 pm

Friday Ratings: Terminator Continues to Weaken

Terminator Salvation‘s future may look bright, but the same can’t be said for The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This past Friday, the once-hot sci fi entry struggled to do 1/6th as well as it did when it originally premiered.

Terminator's Thomas Dekker8pm

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  • (9.8 million, 2.0/6 in 18-49) raised 600,000.
  • A special on Siegfried and Roy (2.0/6) pulled in 8.4 million.
  • (3.8 million, 1.2/4) was down 400,000.
  • (3.5 million, 1.5/5) shed 600,000.


  • (10 million, 2.3/7 in 18-49) added on 400,000.
  • The second hour of (7.6 million, 2.0/6) did slightly less than the first.
  • (4.8 million) lost 1 million.

*denotes repeat

(You can review last Friday’s ratings here.)



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