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Thursday October 13, 2005 4:25 am

Fan Favorites Return to General Hospital

Rick Springfield General HospitalWow!  Today was a double-doozy of a day for General Hospital fans.  Not only did we finally get a glimpse of fan favorite Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough,) but we also learned that Rick Springfield (yes, that Rick Springfield) will be making a return to Port Charles.  It has been known for some time now that Robin would be coming back into Jason’s life, but Dr. Noah Drake? 

Entertainment Tonight reported earlier this evening that Rick Springfield would be appearing on at least four new episodes.  Other reports add that the character of Dr. Noah Drake will return to help Robin treat Jason’s seizures.  But only four episodes?  That seems a tad bit paltry for such a potentially huge character.  Why bring him back at all if he isn’t going to be utilized better?  Lord knows Bobbi could use a new storyline.. why not put them back together again?  Remember their steamy scenes as doctor and nurse?  And how will Dr. Tony Jones feel about all of this?

My question for Rick - is it a coincidence that your stint on GH coincides with your newly released album?  Know that the buzz you generate with this appearance won’t come close to the hype you generated with your first album which was about 25 years ago. No matter.  Coming from someone who has seen Rick Springfield in concert twice - and that was in the 90’s - I’m happy to see him back.  Port Charles will only be a better place for it.

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