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Wednesday January 25, 2006 2:51 pm

Family Guy’s Stewie To Host Late-Night Talk Show

Stewie Talk ShowFox execs are developing an Internet-based late night talk show, hosted by everyone’s favorite vindictive, dictator-to-be baby, the animated Stewie of Family Guy. Fans are still anxiously awaiting details, as no firm schedule has been set. The show will air on FOX.com and other FOX-owned websites. This novel idea seems like a probable hit…especially if Stewie has anything to say about it.

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Forum Discussion

Wonderful. Stewie is my favorite character. I can't wait for the jokes and Stewie (maybe) making fun of some celebrities.

Yes, I remember seeing that some months ago...still no news about it, I hope they're going to continue on that idea.

OMG, that is great! I love Stewie, he and Brian are the whole reason I watch the show. I can't wait, if someone knows when it is airing can you post the date?

I love the baby, but is Brian going to be there? Because if Brian isn't there, I don't wanna watch it! :P It could be like a Conan O'Brien thing when he used to have Andy as his sidekick. Brian would be Stewie's sidekick!

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I think it will only add to the popularity of the Family Guy show.

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