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Tuesday October 18, 2005 7:10 pm

Extras: Episode 4

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ExtrasThis week on Extras, the star-du-jour was Samuel L. Jackson, starring in some sort of police drama where he referred to himself as “Uncle Sam.” That aside, Andy has to deal with being guilted into dinner with another extra who happens to yearn for any sort of human interaction, while Maggie is smitten with Dan, a black actor. His race comes into play later on in the episode. So at the start, Andy bumps in to an extra who annoys him to no end. The man goes on to tell him about a friend on his who was blinded by bleach. Once their exchange ends, one of the higher-ups comes over to them to discuss one of them getting a speaking role with Samuel Jackson. Andy’s new acquaintance let’s him have it, and only asks that Andy take him out one night to grab some food.

Moving over to lunch, Maggie and Andy find that when they go to sit on the actors’ bus, they are denied because they are “background.” Turns out that the extras have their own bus that they must use for their eating facility. Obviously, they leave annoyed. Andy bumps in to his new friend again, who offers another sad tale from his life’s history, which is supposed to be his segway into another invitation to hang out, throwing beet and Vera Drake into the mix. Finally, Andy tells him that he simply doesn’t care to hang out with him because they aren’t even friends, but the big bald guys states that by going out, they will become friends. So that’s how it works, eh?

Next thing we know, Maggie is yelling at a black actress who is attempting to board the “background” bus to eat with the extras. While she was only responding in kind, the fact that she said “You have your own bus, and we have our own bus” as a white woman to a black woman, you could tell that it was reminiscent of Rosa Parks. To make matters worse, Dan, the black actor that she is crushing on, walks over just in time to see the whole thing. Embarrassing for Maggie. Andy then pulls an excellent survey out of his pocket so that Maggie could see if she was really a racist - but the questions were things like “Who would you rather have waiting for you when you get home tonight, Johnny Depp or OJ Simpson?” to which she responded Johnny because OJ is a murderer. Andy then said that OJ was acquitted, and that means he is innocent. She only thinks he is a murderer because she is racist. Great stuff.

ExtrasMaggie finally gets the courage to ask out Dan, who gave her a happy “Yes” before the workday ended. On the walk home, Maggie and Andy are found by Andy’s now-nemesis, and they try to get rid of him by saying they were going to visit the tomb of Andy’s deceased mother. Of course, the big guy invites himself along and soon realizes that, based on the years on the tombstone, that Andy would have to be 52 years old, and that his mother would have had to have given birth to him at age sixty. Andy is then guilted into agreeing to grab dinner with the guy that evening. Where do they end up? A nice, romantic restaurant over a candlelit dinner.

Back in Maggie’s world, she has Dan over at her apartment and realizes that she has a Golly doll among her other toy decorations. She does a bad job at trying to hide it discreetly, with Dan asking why she is so concerned about it. To prove that she isn’t a racist, Maggie has the doll make love to a white Barbie - complete with sound effects and gestures - to which Dan responds by simply saying he had to run. Back at the restaurant, Andy is annoyed by an overweight patron slurping on his soup, and explains that he is only there because he felt bad for, and took pity on, his fellow extra. He is then presented with a “surprise” from his new friend - two tickets to the musical We Will Rock You. Instead of thanking him, Andy simply slams his face into his soup - twice. After adding a little salt, he does it again - this was just hilarious. He then simply got up and left!

The next day Andy and Maggie meet back on set, talking about the previous evening. Andy tries to give her a few words of wisdom, and Maggie goes over to Dan to begin a very odd exchange, culminating in her referring to Louie Armstrong as a Sasquatch, which prompts Samuel Jackson to come over and tell her that she means “Satchmo.” Knowing that Maggie is about to put her foot in her mouth, Andy tries to interrupt, but it wasn’t enough. Maggie went on to compliment Jackson on a job well done in The Matrix! Maggie insisted to Sam that he was in the Matrix films, while he explained that it was actually Lawrence Fishburne. Andy butts in with “She doesn’t think that you all look the same.” Realizing he used the wrong choice of words, he simply says “Pulp Fiction,” which results in Sam and Dan leaving Maggie and Andy right where they were at the beginning of the episode.

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Ricky Gervais is a genius.  The British “Office” is classic, the American “Office” is really, really funny, and then he comes with this new show that just doesn’t sound like it would be funny but is so fresh and so original.  He is the master of making any situation, no matter how boring, a funny scene.  I’m sad there is only 5 epidsodes though, its almost over for a while :(


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