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Saturday October 22, 2005 8:45 pm

Desperate Housewives:  My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Desperate HousewivesLast week’s show started in true Gabrielle fashion—with a prison ruckus.  Unintentionally, Gabrielle became the object of desire for the boys of the Fairview County Jail prison yard.  The inmates loved to gawk and harass her when strolled past them on her weekly visits to Carlos.  Despite their gentlemanly ways, the inmates ironically came to her defense after witnessing a fight between Gabrielle and her lawyer.  Needless to say, they didn’t take it very kindly when her lawyer called her a “crazy bitch.”  And who thought chivalry was dead?

Despite Carlos’ doubts, Gabrielle insists on finding a new lawyer to help them gain conjugal visits. She believes that they would enjoy fighting more if they had something to look forward to.  That is where playboy/lawyer David Bradley (actor Adrian Pasdar) comes in.  He tries to convince Gabrielle that conjugal visits would be a moot point since her marriage is doomed.  His negativity only angers Gabrielle and she comes back fighting, which is apparently what David Bradley wanted her to do.  He hits on her, but is seemingly turned off when he finds out she is pregnant.  Whatever Bradley’s shady motives are at this point, he agrees to help Gabrielle and gets them a long-awaited conjugal visit.  Afterward, Gabrielle wonders if she and Carlos will be able to make their relationship work once he is released.

Meanwhile entrenched in the work force, Lynette has to address every woman’s fear:  Will our kids be okay without us?  Lynette’s increasing time away from home has forced her son Parker to create a new maternal figure - an imaginary nanny named Mrs. Mulberry.  Although Tom doesn’t have a problem with his son’s new friend, Lynette is not happy having a surrogate in her place.  Parker’s teachers are also concerned and talk to Lynette after her son attacks a teacher with Mrs. Mulberry’s umbrella.  Desperate, Lynette finally takes matters into her own hands and tells Parker that Mrs. Mulberry has moved on to help another boy in need.  Parker seems to accept this answer but doesn’t know that Lynette has actually thrown the umbrella away.  Unfortunately, Parker later witnesses a car run over his nanny’s umbrella and now has to deal with her death.  Although Lynette is happy to pick up the pieces and console her son, she is racked with guilt for killing his friend.  Tom steps in reassures her that Parker’s resiliency will let him move on, and that they will all laugh at this in the future.

Susan also has an issue with a child in this episode—this one being a violent one.  Should she accept Zach in her life so that she and Mike can get back together?  Whether she should or not, Susan tells Mike that she is ready and offers to help find Zach.  Of course, it takes Edie to call out Susan on her real motive:  Susan doesn’t care about finding Mike’s supposed son, she only wants to appear that she cares.  Susan later proves Edie right when she spots Zach in a park.  When he is frightened and starts wielding a piece of wood at her, Susan’s fears about Zach come flooding back.  She decides not to tell Mike about the Zach sighting.  When Bree later guilts Susan for not taking care of Mary Alice’s son, Susan goes back to find Zach.  Although she is prepared to bring Zach back home to Mike, she freaks out when he starts obsessing over Julie again.  So Susan decides to help Zach out another way, by offering him money so that he can find his other father, Paul, in Utah.

And then there was Bree.  Am I the only one who was mystified by the lack of response she got when her husband died?  The wives barely gave her a minute of consoling before they moved on to their respective problems.  Granted, Bree is not easiest person to comfort, but it didn’t appear that they ever tried. Wasn’t she just telling her mother-in-law last week that she needed someone to talk to?  Isn’t that why she’s hanging out with George right now?

Moving on - this week Bree had problems with the only other men in her life:  Andrew and George.  When Bree tells her son that she wants to have George over for dinner, Andrew refuses to eat with the “town nerd.”  Bree is forced to blackmail him stating, “You don’t know the lengths I would go to for even seating.”  Classic.  During dinner, Andrew seized every opportunity to make George feel uncomfortable.  When Bree was out of the room, Andrew asked George if he had ever been with a woman. Apparently Andrew knows a gay man when he sees one? Andrew also made a point of telling George about the funny sounds his mom would make when having sex with his dad.  Later, Bree apparently reproduces that same satisfied sound after eating dessert.  George, not able to take the humiliation, asks Bree to punish Andrew without telling her why.  Bree refuses, so George leaves.  Andrew wins Round One.

George later suggests to Bree that she send Andrew back to his old disciplinary camp.  Bree faults herself for the discord between Andrew and George and refuses to send him back there.  She also tells George that she needs to focus more of her time on her son.  George claims to understand but later makes a surprising (and calculating) appearance at Andrew’s swim meet.  Timing the offering with Andrew’s event, George gives Bree a parting gift of china.  Andrew witnesses the thankful hug between them and gets out of the pool to attack George.  Unfortunately, this move forces Bree to send Andrew back to the camp just as George had hoped.  George wins Round Two.

I personally hope that the drama between Andrew and George becomes as juicy as it promises to be.  Sadly, it’s one of the few story lines that I care about right now.  Andrew promised to make Bree’s life a living hell at the end of last season—and I can’t wait for him to make good on his word.

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Go Lost! I can't wait until Wednesday! AHH!

I never seen any of these shows u ppl talkin bout

Don't forget to watch it tonight y'all! :)

No post Drummer? I'm very sad...

I'm here! I'm here! :) I enjoyed it! I was so happy the wait was over, and I especially loved the funeral scene. I thought it was hilarious when Lynette started yanking on Tom's legs while he was on the ground with his back out! She's a crazy woman! What did y'all think of it?

The funeral was pure comedy. I think the man in the basement is a bit strange. I wonder what they are going to do with that...

I dunno. I thought I had read somewhere that in the first episode we would find out what the Applewhite's secret was, but it seems like all they did was was show us a little clip and leave us hanging...maybe next week! :)

Yeah, tonight we see what happened to the raft on LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm watching LOST right NOW! \o/ :)

Lucky! I have to wait a few hours :(

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