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Tuesday October 18, 2005 2:35 pm

Dell’s 37-inch LCD and 50-inch Plasma Televisions

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Dell keeps on keepin’ on with their two latest high definition televisions - the 37-inch W3706C LCD panel, and the W5001C 50-inch plasma. Both units ship with HD tuners, which means you get to experience high definition goodness right out of the box without even having to plug in your cable or satellite feed. The other nice thing about the units is that viewers can view images from two different source inputs simultaneously wiw PIP, POP, or Pbp modes. You can pick up the 37-inch LCD for $2,299, while the plasma is currently going for $3,799.

Dell Debuts Its Largest LCD TV in Time for Holidays; 37-inch Display Includes Latest Technology for Sharp, Detailed Images

ROUND ROCK, Texas—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Oct. 18, 2005—Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) today added a 37-inch display to its TV lineup that is the largest LCD panel it has offered to date. The W3706C is designed to enhance customers’ home theater experience with sharp images in medium- to large-sized rooms.

The company also announced that it is now taking orders for the W5001C model 50-inch plasma HDTV unveiled in September.

The W3706C and W5001C, priced at $2,299 and $3,799 respectively, incorporate the latest technology designed to deliver sharper and more detailed images. The slim-profile TVs are aimed at customers who enjoy watching high-definition (HD) content like broadcast sports, movies, or DVDs, or playing video games. They feature large wide-aspect screens and HD resolution that delivers razor-sharp pictures and connection options for HD feeds, DVD players and personal computers, to name a few. The flat panel displays are also equipped with dual integrated analog and combination digital/analog tuners to receive over-the-air HD content.

“Customers expect quality flat panel televisions as a key part of their high-definition home theater experience,” said Gerry Smith, vice president, Dell displays. “The Dell W3706C and W5001C TVs answer that call with outstanding high-definition clarity, ease of use, and the ability to connect almost any content source.”

The Dell W3706 and W5001C allow users to multitask by viewing images from different sources simultaneously, with dual tuners and Picture-In-Picture (PIP), Picture-On-Picture (POP), and Picture-By-Picture (PbP) modes. An easy-to-use long-range, back-lit remote control enables straightforward access to menus in low-light environments.

Four installation service options help customers get their new flat panel televisions working as quickly as possible(a). These options range from un-boxing and connecting the TV to devices, wall mounting, or speaker mounting with concealed wiring. The company also offers customers more peace of mind with limited warranty(b) upgrades up to five years.

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