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Sunday November 6, 2005 11:51 pm

Degrassi:  Foolin

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Degrassi FoolinWhat’s worse—knowing you got someone pregnant in high school.. or that you were indirectly responsible for getting someone shot?  Hmmm…tough call.

JT, like your average male, is oblivious as to why his girlfriend, Liberty, is so stressed out and upset. Doesn’t he know that female Presidents – even those in student council – have it hard?  They don’t have time to run countries and/or schools while trying to cater to the male ego. Liberty, like your typical female, doesn’t make it very easy for him to understand either.  She may say that she’s stressed out over the school budget, but we really know that is woman-speak for “You should know.”

In an attempt to distress his lady, JT insists on taking Liberty out for a night of fun at the movies.  Of course, what could have been a nice evening was capped off with a stupid male remark.  When Liberty overhears JT bragging about their sex life to Toby, she calls him an immature clown and walks off.  JT struggles to find out what is wrong with Liberty.  She is continually criticizing and disrespecting him.  And all those cute habits that she used to love??  Now they all annoy her.  While he was shocked to finally find out that she was pregnant, all those hormonal issues finally made sense.

Instead of reaching out to him as JT would have expected, Liberty only pushes him further away.  How could she trust him to take care of a child?  He wasn’t one to take care of practical things or think of a future.  Liberty simply didn’t have time for his jokes anymore and simply couldn’t trust him.  JT – can’t you tell that she’s in pain?  Hug her!  Hug her!  At a loss as to how to help, JT applies for a part-time job at a drugstore and promises that he won’t abandon her or the baby, even if they are not together.  Liberty then finally admits that she has never needed help on anything in her life.

Still trying to get past his own problems, Spinner finally makes his return to Degrassi.  Unfortunately, helping to get Jimmy Brooks shot hasn’t endeared him to his former friends.  The only person who will speak (kindly) to him now is the new girl in his English class.  It’s always easier starting over with strangers.

No matter how many times Spinner apologizes, Jimmy Brooks refuses to believe he has changed.  When Spinner admits to Darcy that he has been an outcast since his expulsion, Darcy invites him to hang out with some of her friends.  Little did he know that this friendly gathering was really a prayer group.  Although he didn’t immediately bolt from the room, Spinner was a bit weirded out by the gathering.  Darcy eventually manages to convince him that Christians are just regular people.

Later at The Dot, Jimmy confronts Darcy when he sees her with Spinner.  He warns her that she could be shot for hanging out with a guy like him.  Darcy refuses to judge Spinner and chooses to give him the benefit of the doubt. Ironically, it turns out that Spinner is the one who needs convincing.  Darcy tells him that he can’t expect Jimmy to forgive him if he can’t forgive himself. 

So who’s worse off:  Spinner or JT?  We think that’s a toss up…



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